Volume 12, November/December 2017
Happy Thanksgiving & Holiday Season
As the year comes to a close, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to you, our Spring Academy parents, for the opportunity to teach your children. We cherish each and every day -- watching them grow and learn! We also wish you and your family a joyous holiday season filled with happiness and prosperity!

This month we look forward to celebrating the holidays in our classes and learning about the many rich traditions that the season brings! We will be cooking, baking holiday-themed treats, participating in special holiday activities and of course, continuing to learn Chinese, Montessori math, reading and writing and our other academic subjects.
At both Warren and Scotch Plains our students are participating in a healthy snack initiative. Each week a parent brings in a healthy snack such as berries, apples, golden kiwis, grapes and even organic sweet potatoes for the class to enjoy. Our friends in Scotch Plains enjoyed delicious organic sweet potatoes !
The theme for November was "Gratitude". Our friends were taught the meaning of this word through lessons and projects including creating a "Gratitude Wreath". In December, we will learn about kindness, loyalty, and honesty through the words and actions we choose!
G E O M E T R Y F U N !
Our Warren friends had a blast playing with blocks while learning about trapezoids and hexagons. We created patterns and designs mixing blocks based on colors, shapes and angles. Then we knocked them all down and created new ones!
Montessori Math
Unlike traditional math, Montessori Math is hands-on and very visual. Here -- students in Warren are learning by manipulating materials using different kinds of counters such as Spindle Boxes and Teen Boxes. Learning is a very individual process and is based on a child's development and abilities. It's also a lot of fun!
Community Caring!
In Scotch Plains, our friends discussed the vital role of community and the many different community service jobs that people do every day to make our lives better! Then we used our imaginations to pretend that we were service providers ourselves!
Celebrating Tradition!
Baking cornbread, making cranberry sauce and building gingerbread houses out of graham crackers are just some of the holiday activities our friends will participate in during November and December.

We also encourage our friends to share their unique holiday and family traditions with the class!
After School Hot Spot!
Did you know that in the afternoon we offer afterschool and enrichment programs for our school-age friends including homework help and English/ Math tutoring? For more information go call 908-360-5188 .
Reading and Writing Workshops For Teens!
We are strong believers in developing solid reading and writing skills at an early age. These skills will not only help a students perform better in school but also build a strong foundation for college and beyond. For more info. on our Reading and Writing Workshops please go to: Reading and Writing Workshops
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