To Our Aiping Tai Chi Family,

We have so much to be grateful for this Thanksgiving. This has been a year of tumultuous change. Some of the major things that happened: 1) We lost the lease to our old location in Orange in the beginning of the year; 2) We moved into our amazing HUGE new space in Milford; 3) We implemented the Punchpass class reservation and payment system; 4) We upgraded our AV system and made online classes and digital content a core offering of our school; 5) We launched our new website; 6) We formed the New England Asian American Cultural Center non-profit with Wu Dang Kung Fu Academy; and more! We have gone through changes most businesses do not experience in 5 years, all in this one short year.

We would not have been able to withstand all the changes without the support of our amazing community of instructors, students, fans, and friends! You are all such an important part of our family and we are so grateful for you! We hope you have a safe, healthy and happy Thanksgiving!

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Black Friday Sale!
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Shirt Order Form
Last call for this shirt order run! If you would like our new school shirt(s) in this order run, let us know your preferred style and size and we will include it in the order. Payments will be taken care of later.

$14 for short sleeve shirts
$20 for long sleeve shirts
New YouTube Video: Tai Chi Sword for Beginners
Many people have been asking for a Tai Chi Sword Basics tutorial so I made one for out latest YouTube video. This video is from excerpts from my 42 Tai Chi Sword (Taijijian) Form Masterclass taught a few weeks ago. We started off the workshop with Tai Chi sword fundamentals and basics. If you would like me to make more Tai Chi sword content, make sure to like the video and drop in the comments what topic you would like me to cover in a future video.

Stay tuned for the announcement when the 42 Tai Chi Sword Masterclass workshop video will be available for purchase and download!
Featured TikTok: Why Tai Chi is Practiced Slowly
Ever wonder why Tai Chi is practiced slowly? We're not trying to move slowly. Watch the TikTok and let me explain.
Support Stephe Watson's Cancer Fund & Save Someday Farm
Stephe Watson is one of the most respected and generous Tai Chi and martial arts instructors and a dear friend of ours. Stephe was recently diagnosed with cancer and his student started a GoFundMe to help him pay his medical bills and save his Someday Farm. Someday Farm is a very special property in Killingworth, CT where Grandmaster Aiping Cheng and her husband Bob Lepper got married.

Please support Stephe's cancer fund if you can. Thank you!
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