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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!
We hope everyone is enjoying our newsletters. We make every attempt to "show off" interesting things during our travels through Vermont!
Kay's Delicious Bird Came From Wellsmere Farm.
Just Over The Mountain... Some Pre-Thanksgiving Festivities.
"Game Night" in Vermont... And It's Not Bingo!!
A few years back Kay stumbled upon game night in one of the local newspapers... we read further and discovered game referred to roasts of venison, moose, bear, raccoon, pheasant and alike! I attended the Tinmouth Game Supper Saturday night that benefited the local volunteer fire department while Kay and our friends remained sidelined. I had the venison sauerbraten, smoked venison, bear and moose meatballs, but missed the smoked beaver; that was served at another game supper. Everything was delicious and I'm going again next year! Anybody want to join me?
Cat & Shane Yoder own Tinmouth Mountain Maple Farm with over 5000 trees tapped – they supply us with Maple Syrup and beef from their heard of Dexter cows.
That's a 250 lb. Russian Berkshire Boar! If you prefer to not to take the time to raise pigs, venison or any other large and exotic game, look no further... Battenkill Hunting Preserve with over 1000 privately owned and managed acres of pristine hunting ground is less than twenty minutes from the inn. It's simply amazing what's in Vermont.
Stratton Was Making More Snow Yesterday!
Stratton Village Yesterday... It'll be much busier this weekend!
About an hour from Pond Mountain Inn!
Our Day Continued.... We Visit Three Times Each Year!
We always find the coolest stuff here!!
Our Last Destination... There's actually Vermont Cheese across the road at Taylor Farm!
Burr and Burton Academy Presents "Harvey".
If you missed this Puilitzer Prize winning play about Elwood P. Dowd, a polite and friendly man and his best friend; a towering six-foot three and a half invisible rabbit named Harvey, their interference in his sister’s life as a socialite and the pandemonium this causes… then just wait until May 15-19, 2018 when the Burr and Burton Creative Arts Department presents another extraordinary production; Rent, the school’s spring musical. I hope you'll join us!
Mrs. Murphy's Donuts of Manchester... Arguably the Best Donuts in Vermont! However... The Wells Country Store's Apple Cider Donuts are simply extraordinary.
It's going to be a cold winter and we have over two cords in the garage to keep us toasty this winter... This is Kay after "topping off" our current stack with five generous wheel-barrel trips to our outdoor supply!
You Don't Need More Vacation Days – You Just Need Better Ones!
Experience for yourself the beauty of Vermont and let your next adventure begin here!

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It's a beautiful warm day here in Vermont with temperatures reaching the low 50s. We're off to visit our favorite spots in Woodstock, Vermont today!!
All our best,
Kay and Glenn  

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