Because of you, 100 low-income families have been identified as high-risk for lead exposure in Jackson’s water and will receive free countertop water filtration systems and education for a year.

Because of you, CFM was able to administer more than $2.4 million in CARES Act funds to provide access to food and capacity to nonprofits providing services across central and southwest Mississippi..

Because of you, we’ve grown our national partnerships for increased access to quality childhood education, investing in students, educators and systems change for early children education throughout Mississippi.

Because of you, we are growing new partnerships throughout our service area, including new investments in Adams County and adding more diverse voices to influence our work.

Because of you, we’ve provided a lifeline to many nonprofits by working with them to build endowments, increasing their ability to survive far into the future - providing programming and community assistance for years to come!

Because of you, we are celebrating what is great about the communities we serve and supporting the capacity of events like the Mississippi Book Festival, Hal’s St. Paddy’s Day Parade and cultural institutions such as the Planetarium, Thalia Mara Hall, Mississippi Symphony Orchestra and New Stage Theatre.

Because of you, we are expanding our relationships with experts and advisors, connecting in new ways to make meaningful and lasting change.

We are thankful for you and your investment for Mississippi, for good, forever.

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