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We help people create a living environment
that speaks intimately of those who dwell
there, honors the architectural legacy of
their home, and makes it an important part
of their own personal legacy.
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Fall 2013
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The Nature of Balance
Monogram Paintings for the holiday
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 We value your referrals!

Happy clients and word of mouth referrals are important to our business.   When your friends, family and neighbors start working on their homes, please encourage them to call us for their design and consultation needs. 

If you are unsure about the scope of our services, call and ask us!   
Kiva Flower Stained Glass Detail
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Northwest Designer

NNWDC LogoWDC has a rich legacy as one of the founding groups of what became America's Studio Movement. The Studio Movement is what the Arts & Crafts Movement evolved into after mass manufacturing won out over hand-crafted production. I am proud to be a member of this historic group that is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of contemporary art, while upholding the heritage of the hand-crafted in an over mechanized world. I am honored to be in the company of an amazing group of artists and craftspeople.

Roycroft Renaissance 
Master Artisan

Roycroft Renaissance LogoAs a Master Artisan of the Roycroft Renaissance, I have the honor and distinction of working to uphold an important part of America's artistic legacy, as well as the responsibility to keep alive the spirit of art as manifested throughout the ages. It is a rare opportunity and I see it as a great responsibility.

CJ press photos-Front view

"Creating paintings and interiors that fire the imagination, stir the deepest emotions, inspire the soul, and offer new things to explore upon each viewing is the most gratifying and satisfying thing I can do with my art."

CJ and BP B&W

CJ Hurley Century Arts
Located in Portland, OR
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With Thanksgiving this week, it seems a fitting time for us to send a newsletter and say a heartfelt THANK YOU to all of our clients, vendors, supporters and friends who have kept us really busy most of this year. 


Our families are 3000 miles away and we won't see them this holiday season.  We'll be spending Thanksgiving with close friends and visiting with their son who will be coming home from his freshman year of college--at least we're all telling ourselves he'll want to see us rather than spend his entire short vacation with his friends! 


We're hoping to have some time to make visits to other friends as well. There are so many of us here in Portland who are far far away from our families. It's always nice at the holiday time when we join together to celebrate our transplanted traditions.


Thanks to Carolyn Campbell
for our new photos.


We hope you are spending Thanksgiving with people important in your life.

We wish you all the best! 


Thanks for voting!   

New Greeting Cards are here!

Back in the summer, we responded to requests for new greeting cards by asking you to help us choose the art.  Many of you participated in our voting and we appreciate you taking the time to give your input and express your opinions. 
Thank you!

We took your top choices and the winners are below. 

If you are interested in purchasing any of these cards, you can order on our website.
  If you are in the Portland area and would like to avoid shipping charges, email or call us with your order and you can pick up at our house. 

The Nature of Balance:
A Metaphor for Life 

For most of this year, I have been in the studio creating new mixed media paintings supported by a Project Grant awarded by the Regional Arts and Culture Council.

The concept of balance is the primary theme I am exploring in this work.

Many spiritual traditions speak of balance as the underlying principle of the universe.





I've been investigating the relationship of 2 & 3 dimensional designs, combining sculpture, painting, & technical craft to create works of art that have the luminosity of cellular enameling & stained glass.









Everyone is invited to the opening reception of my exhibit
which will include four highly intricate and detailed paintings that I've created during the grant cycle. These will hang alongside a selection of other recent paintings, which will help demonstrate the evolution of my technique.


Opening Reception: First Friday, December 6th, 5pm-8pm

Olympic Mills Commerce Center

107 SE Washington St., Portland

On exhibit:  December 2nd - January 3rd

Supported in part by a grant from:
RACC Logo color  

Monogram Paintings!    

There is still a little bit of time to order monograms and have paintings complete for the holiday season!  We have one Roycroft Renaissance Monogram available now


My heirloom quality, hand-painted monograms make memorable and affordable gifts that will be enjoyed for years to come.  They are popular for weddings, anniversaries, to commemorate a birth or a special gift for any occasion. 


More options and details on our website.  


Please support independent artists when shopping for gifts!       

   Monogram Bard Roycroft Renaissance Monogram

Thank you for a busy
consultation and design season! 
 Thank you to all of our clients who kept us busy through the summer and fall season.  We were thrilled to be a part of your projects and we are grateful for your trust in our work.

Decades of paint were removed prior to prep and painting. The old wood was beautiful underneath all those layers!
We've added a few before and after photos to our online album but we have not had time yet to fully update it.  We'll add more this winter and share with you again next issue.

Please call us to help you with your interior projects this winter. 

Holiday Cards

Where The Trees of Rogareth Grow  
We're printing new cards for the winter and holiday season now and they will be available for shipping right after Thanksgiving.

We also have inventory of The Quietude of Winter and Creekside House Nestled in Snow.  All cards are blank inside.

Order online.
2012 Annual Card Art
Meet Our New Intern!

Shannon McClory is a recent graduate from the University of Oregon with a degree in History of Art and a minor in Business Administration. While in school, she studied abroad in Italy for a term and completed internships at the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art and White Lotus Gallery. Shannon is very enthusiastic about art, art history, design and historic preservation.  She has set ambitious goals for her internship with us and she will be gaining exposure to a variety of creative and business oriented tasks. 



"CJ Hurley Century Arts encompasses my passions for design, art history, and interior architecture, which is why I am floored to participate in this internship and see the ways my passions can be turned into a career. I hope that this experience will help me better understand where I fit in the creative world and give me the skills and confidence to go out and find that fit. "

Where to find us

If you visit the Pacific Northwest, you can schedule an appointment to see our work in our private home showroom

Here are other places to find CJ's art. 

Pasadena, CA

Portland, OR

Roycroft Copper Shop Gallery
East Aurora, NY

Elysium Artists
Showroom: Wilsonville, OR

Greeting Cards are available for sale in the Museum Shop at the  Architectural Heritage Center, Portland OR. and on our website.