A Thanksgiving Message from Kip
Join our Panel Discussion on December 10!
Building Resilience To Ignite Creativity and Innovation for 2021

What we know to be true is that our community is craving a new way of being and doing in 2021.

Join Kip Hollister, Founder & CEO of Hollister Staffing & Hollister Institute, for an interactive virtual roundtable conversation. Our community of managers & HR professionals have been at the forefront of listening to and advocating for their employees, tasked with keeping employees’ spirits high and focusing on employee engagement. But who is supporting you as a leader? Are you feeling burnt out – of energy, of ideas? Is it becoming daunting to think about how to be resilient through this longer-term shift to remote workforces?

Join us for a roundtable conversation to brainstorm what practices we can implement to ensure we are at our best, emotionally and physically, so that we can be an effective support system for our people. We anticipate covering topics including the following, but you will be the ones truly driving this conversation:
  • Promoting self-care for ourselves and for our employees
  • Effectively asking for support, without being in complaint
  • Daring to ask real questions, to ourselves and to our people
  • Implementing a mindfulness routine
  • Recommending alternative work week schedules
  • Showing vulnerabilities
  • Navigating conversations with courage

Kip will be moderating this roundtable discussion in partnership with YOU so we can brainstorm and learn from each other’s experiences, challenges, successes, and ideas.

Come participate, engage, and learn as we collectively share wisdom.
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Have you listened to Kip's Podcast, Well Being Walks? Each week Kip takes a walk in nature with a local leader. They ask and answer questions like:
  • What does it take to live a soulful life?
  • How can we use intention to build and strengthen our community?
  • What is the meaning of success?
  • How can we let go of control?
  • How can we unlock the creativity that lives within each of us?
  • What does it mean to lead with authenticity?

Listen here! New episodes are released every Wednesday!
Upcoming Events
Giving Tuesday Mental Wellness Webinar
Tuesday, December 1st, 2020
6:00 - 7:30 PM Virtual via Zoom

Giving Tuesday is a global movement that unleashes the power of people to transform their communities. This year, we are focused on promoting mental wellness organizations to help people get through this stressful time. Join Kip and other panelists on #GivingTuesday for an enlightening conversation about tangible wellness resources.

Chase Your Dreams
Be in Control of Your Future Now

Our pilot program for emerging leaders is full!

Stay tuned for more info/future sessions.
Guided Meditation with Kip Hollister
Virtual via Zoom

Join Kip for a refreshing guided meditation.

Upcoming dates:
Thursday, December 3 at 10:00 AM
Effective Communication
The Power of REAL Conversations as a Cornerstone of Business Success

Tuesday, January 26th, 9 AM
Virtual via Zoom

Our training in effective communication provides you with tools for immediate use with colleagues and clients.