Happy Thanksgiving
The Meadow
A Personal Note of Thanksgiving

Thankfulness enters you into the presence of God. "Enter His gates with thanksgiving, and His courts with praise. Give thanks to Him; bless His name". Psalm 100:4

In many ways it is a sign of the true condition of the heart. Thorton Wilder said "We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures."


My heart is so grateful and overflowing.  It all begins with having so much to be thankful for and asking what have I ever done to deserve even one of the blessings of life? So often, I have taken God's blessing for granted and never noticed the great ways that he has blessed me.


Even though my life has been filled with challenges, through the pain and many difficult roads I've travelled, there has always been a road that has led me into a deeper, richer path with God. Even in my darkest darkness, God has blessed me!


My many blessings begin with my wife, Jeanne. She is a great gift as she partners with me in ministry. She complements my vast weaknesses and very few people are aware of her many ways she serves. I am truly grateful to have such a wonderful partner and best friend.


My children, Marcie, Robert, Julie, & Veronica and granddaughter, Maci, are my greatest joys and blessings. Because of who they have become and the many things we have done together, my life has been deeply enriched. Being a father and grandfather has changed my life forever!


I've been blessed in my professional life as well. I've had the amazing opportunity to serve God through Youth for Christ for 40 years and to serve with so many people over the years that loved God and desired to follow Him. I am grateful for the many young people and leaders I've had the opportunity to minister to and lead.


And I can't believe the quality of friends God has brought into my life. If money were friends I would be one of the richest men in the world. We have loved each other and brought great joy into each other's lives. I'm thankful for the years and years of wonderful friendships.


And last, but far from least, I am grateful for this past year of my life. The growing of the Meadow Ministry has helped me to grow spiritually and not always to my willingness, but also administratively. The many people who have come forward to lead and serve has exceeded my wildest dreams. I am so excited to share that over 50 people are involved in the Meadow's 2-year Spiritual Development Forum. Our sessions began in October and have been filled with time to share and build relationships.  This has become a community of Christians that are not only deepening their own walk with God but are also building relationships that will last a lifetime.


And during this time of Thanksgiving, I would like to share a special Thanksgiving Blessing for you from The Meadow. Click on the picture below!


Thank you for a wonderful year of ministry partnership! The Meadow continues with our passion to share the love of God to a world that feels unloved or doesn't know the immense and powerful love of God! We will continue to help those who want to walk deeper in their spiritual growth and provide them with a place of God's rest and beauty!


God makes beautiful things!

With A Grateful Heart!

Bob Arnold


P.S. Just in this month of November, God has provided the Meadow with a Matching Gift of $50,000. What a great blessing and indication of all that God wants to do through the Meadow. For now, great praise and thanksgiving go to God. Soon we will tell you how you join us in multiplying this opportunity!


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