November 2014
Happy Thanksgiving!
We Wish You a Season of Plenty of What Truly Matters.
2011 conference
Feasting at Family Conference in 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!!! 

As we near the end of our MTM-CNM Thankfulness Initiative, we thank all who participated--whether by donating, posting, liking, commenting, or simply reading along!

Thank you for your inspiration and for raising awareness about MTM and CNM and about the conference mission. But just because the Thankfulness Initiative is ending, doesn't mean 
we stop being thankful!  

So keep on sharing the amazing people and moments, which instill gratitude in your heart, for the rest of this month and beyond.

We also have more ways for you to contribute to the conference cause!

For those in our CNM community who have an RYR-1 mutation, you can find more information and make more connections at

Earlier this month, we shared in our conference FB group, that the RYR-1 Foundation was planning their first Patient and Family Meeting in Philadelphia. You can see pictures of the event, which took place on 11/24/14 here.

You may also want to join the registry for RYR-1.

The RYR-1 Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit organization seeking to:
1. Support research for treatment or cure
2. Educate physicians about the condition
3. Provide support and advocacy for patients and their families
Shop and Give!

Support the conference with your online shopping at Amazon Smile

Protip: Click on the Amazon Smile link for the MTM-CNM Family Connection, and then Bookmark it on your browser for quick, easy access!

We are excited to present a new opportunity to raise funds for the  2015 MTM-CNM Family Conference! 

Some of you may already be familiar with Crowdrise. If you aren't, it's very simple to create your own team page to raise funds for our conference through the site. Our nonprofit page is located at
1. To start your own team fundraiser, visit The Team page! (See the page snapshot below.)
2.  Then click on Join the Team.
3. A prompt will pop up for you to Login or Sign Up.
4. After entering some basic information, your team page will be up and running in two shakes of a lamb's tail, and the fun can begin!!!
Click JOIN THE TEAM to create your own team page in honor of your loved one!
Our "conference purple" bravelets come in 7 different styles! Prices range from $25-$35.
Be Brave

If there's one thing that our MTM and CNM friends and families know, it is the immense courage of our affected loved ones, a courage that also inspires the rest of us to continue to fight alongside them and for them. They are truly brave warriors.

"Bravelets" are bracelets that bear the message "Be Brave" with a band in the color of the cause. Ours are "Conference Purple."

So, if you're looking for a unique holiday gift or stocking stuffer for your loved ones or maybe even for yourself [wink wink], then take a moment to visit our "Bravelets" site at

$10 from every bravelet sold will go to the MTM-CNM Family Connection to support our conference! 


Zazzle store shirts
Some of our t-shirt designs, all of which are available in multiple color options!
Zazzle Store

Get exclusive custom-designed products at our Zazzle store

We have a variety of designs for both MTM and CNM, and an ever-expanding array of products to choose from that includes T-shirts, mugs, ornaments, totes, magnets, stamps, and more! 

All of the profits (a portion of the total purchase price, typically a few dollars per item) will go to MTM-CNM Family Connection, Inc. 

These shirts and items can be great conversation starters and awareness builders! 

If you use/share this link (with the extra code at the end), we will get an extra commission from Zazzle:


Our team sincerely wishes you and yours a very happy Thanksgiving! May your hearts (and bellies!) be filled with all good things! 

We are grateful for your continual support and encouragement. The conference and connections are made possible because of you.

With many thanks,

MTM-CNM Family Connection, Inc.
The MTM-CNM Family Conference Planning Team


Keep in touch!
Email us with your questions/concerns, and keep a lookout for our future newsletters. We will share with you latest updates about the community and about the 2015 conference!