We suggest getting your request in now. This is also a great time to renew your APHA or AjPHA membership, too!

The online forms are available at  apha.com/showing/show-forms;
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Question: What Card Do I Need?
Easy! How old are you?
If you are age 18 or younger,  you will need an AjPHA membership in order to show at any APHA-approved competition. If you are interested in showing in Novice Youth classes, you will need to apply for a Novice Youth card each year. If you are showing in the Youth Walk-Trot Division, you do not need any additional cards, outside of your AjPHA membership.
If you are 19 or older, you will need an APHA Amateur Card.  Three divisions are offered within APHA’s Amateur program: Amateur, Novice Amateur & Amateur Walk-Trot.
  • Amateur: This card allows you to show in the Amateur division, including all Amateur performance & halter classes.
  • Novice Amateur: This card allows you to show in all Novice Amateur & Amateur division classes. Anyone who holds a Novice Amateur card can also show in Amateur classes; but Amateurs cannot show in Novice Amateur classes.
  • Amateur Walk-Trot: This card allows you to show in the Walk-Trot classes only, except showmanship, halter, pleasure driving & in-hand classes.