Reminder, our next general meeting is November 27 at 9:30 am

 Cline Auditorium, DCPS School Board Building
1701 Prudential Drive, Jacksonville, FL 32205
Hospitality begins at 9:00 am
Meeting begins at 9:30 am

General Meetings are open to ALL PTA Members.
Click HERE for DCCPTA's entire
2018-2019 General Meeting schedule.
I want to wish you and your families a Happy Thanksgiving!

We have so much to be thankful for. Please keep the families that are less fortunate, the families in California that have lost everything due to wildfires, and families in Florida that have lost everything due to hurricanes this year in your in your thoughts and prayers.

Many of us have traveled to see family and friends. Please be safe and enjoy your loved ones.

Felita Tutt
Duval County Council PTA

DCC PTA warmly welcomes our
newly elected School Board Members:

District 2 - Elizabeth Anderson (Newly elected)
District 4 - Darryl Willie (Newly elected)
District 6 - Charlene Joyce (Newly elected)

Many thanks to you and your fellow School Board Members for working on behalf of Duval County students.

District 1 - Cheryl Grymes
District 3 - Ashley Smith Juarez
District 5 - Warren Jones
District 7 - Lori Hershey

With much gratitude, we wish success and happiness for outgoing Board Members on all future endeavors. Thank you for your service.

District 2 - Scott Shine
District 4 - Paula Wright
District 6 - Rebecca Couch

Please remember that PTA is a noncommercial, nonsectarian, and nonpartisan association. Board and membership rosters should be used for  PTA purposes only.  If you choose to participate in any campaign as an individual, do not use your PTA affiliation in conjunction with the activity.

Bylaws Reminder
   Please check the front page of your PTA bylaws for approval date. Bylaws are valid for 3 years from that date. To renew your bylaws, download the 2018-2019 form from the  Florida PTA . Fill it out, get proper signatures, and fax to Florida PTA for approval. (407 240-9577) or scan and email to . Be sure to fill out the bylaws submission form as well.

Remember, any amendments need the vote of the membership following a 30 day notice. Otherwise, simple notification of the membership is all that is required. If you have any questions, contact Betty Marty at .
All PTAs are required to file a 990 form with the IRS annually. If your PTA has not filed the required 990 form with the IRS, please do so now. After filing, wait about 10 minutes to get the “accepted” receipt. Print this receipt, write “Duval” and the name of your PTA on it, scan it, and send to  and to . This will complete one of the six requirements for Good Standing.

Betty Marty

Member Business Partners

Please make sure to check the  
for new partners added throughout the year. 

Christina Cummings 
Reflections 2018-2019

The Duval County Council deadline
is December 5, 2018,
from 9:00 am until noon
in room 613 at the DCPS Building.