From our offices in New York and the Center for Shared Society in Israel, THANK YOU for your commitment to our work and message, especially in these difficult times. Without our community of supporters our programs would not be a reality in Israel.  With your help we have ignited a light of hope and inspiration for our dream of a peaceful, equal and shared society in Israel.

May you all have a peaceful, happy and healthy Thanksgiving!

Updates from the Field

Mantikatna - Our Region

This month at Givat Haviva's campus we have officially begun the training program for " Mantikatna - Our Region" - an initiative to spread our strategic model across the region through training seminars for teachers and community leaders.  Four concurrent courses have opened, providing in-service training to over 100 teachers throughout the region in an effort to pioneer our regional studies program.

Human Rights Award of the Friedrich-Ebert Foundation

On Thursday, November 5th, Hassan Atamneh - Mayor of Kfar Kara, and Ilan Sadeh - Mayor of Menashe Regional Council, received the prestigious  Human Rights Award of the Friedrich-Ebert Foundation.  Both Mayors received the award of behalf of all seven mayors and citizens of their municipalities, for their participation in Givat Haviva's  Shared Communities program.

To find our more about the awards, click here.

Winter Conference -
Presenting the 2015 Index of 
Arab-Jewish Relations in Israel

On Monday, November 23rd the Index was presented at Givat Haviva by Professor Sammy Smooha. "A complicated picture, with indications both of two populations learning to live together on the one hand and signs of radicalization on the other. The single best predictor of positive attitudes toward each other is time Arabs and Jews spend in each others' company."

Findings of the Index will be posted here .

Together for the Environment

Our joint learning program for Israeli Arab and Jewish fifth graders has also launched this month. The program is an active educational project that promotes a culture of sustainability and shared community through experience. Classes from Pardes Hanna and Kfar Kara have begun their series of eight meetings, which culminate in a joint environmental project chosen by the youth.
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