As my office prepares for the fast-approaching 2014 General Assembly Session, I want to take a moment that this Thanksgiving provides to say, "Thank you."


Thank you for your support over the past year, as we have worked to safeguard the principles we hold dear.


Thank you for your dedication to continuing to make and keep our Commonwealth the best place to do business and to raise a family, even as we have faced opposition from the federal government.


Thank you for your hard work and time spent campaigning on behalf our Republican ticket, despite the disappointing outcome.


And, most importantly: thank you for being a part of the process. Legislators cannot do their job very effectively without constituent input, concern, and participation. I'm quite blessed to have such an involved constituency, and I remain incredibly grateful for the trust you all place in me as your representative.


We hope you and your family enjoy a safe and happy Thanksgiving, and I look forward to our continued service together.





Steve Martin



This Thanksgiving, let's not forget that there are members of our community who work hard but are still in need of assistance. As we give thanks throughout this season for all that we have, please consider helping FeedMore reach out to make sure that families do not go hungry this season.