From Our Staff, Board of Directors and on behalf of all those whose lives haved been touched through Cattle for Christ International, we wish You and Your Family a Blessed and Happy Thanksgivng Season!
STOP!  Look Around!  Who Or What Do You See That You Are Thankful For?
I often find myself so focused on all that I have to do, that I take for granted and neglect to thank God for all the ways that He has blessed and shown His love for me, for my family, and for our Country.  What about you?  When was the last time you slowed down enough to count your blessings and to express true Thanksgiving to God for all that He has done to show His love for you?
What a blessing it is to wake up from a SAFE and restful night's sleep in my comfortable bed, in my own warm and well constructed home, with my wife lying safely by my side, and to be able to get out of bed in my own strength. 

I only have to walk just a few steps to my bathroom and flip a switch for the lights to come on. I can use a clean toilet that flushes and enjoy a hot shower, using as much water as I like. 

I can do all this while my coffee is brewing and before opening our food filled refrigerator and turning on the electric stove to cook whatever I want for breakfast.  As I eat, I gaze out the window overlooking my own land, watching the sunrise and the Cattle for Christ cattle grazing our pastures. 

All these blessings I enjoy knowing that my children and grandchildren will awaken to most all of the same blessings.  (5 of our 6 grandchildren are pictured above).

Then I get to sit down and read God's Word from my Bible because I own one, and because I have been afforded the blessing of a good education.  I can spend time with my Savior, enjoying His presence without fear of death or persecution, because I was blessed to be born in a free country that was founded on Biblical principles and faith in the one living God.   

When I remember that the vast majority of the world does not enjoy any of these blessings, it sure makes me more thankful, but it also helps me to see that with all these undeserved blessings comes the responsibility to bless others! I am thankful that God allows us to be a small part of His work through the ministries of Cattle for Christ International. 

We pray that you and your family enjoy a Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving Season.  As you reflect on all the ways God has blessed you, take time to thank Him not only for the freedoms you enjoy, but especially for sending His Son Jesus to offer you and all the world eternal life and hope for the future. 

Blessings in Christ Jesus! 

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