Sing Me Home
If you know Rev. Sue Landon at all, you know she does not like things to be done in a traditional way. So please excuse me for not following correct & "proper" protocol in announcing her final exit from this earth to all of our dear ISD Members, Friends, and Supporters. (She has been wagging her finger at me, with every attempt at formal wording!).

As you would suspect, and many of you have already felt, Susan Holmes Landon ("maiden name": "Borden") is alive and well on the other side, having transitioned on November 23rd at about 9:40 pm, just after Tom, Ben and I all finished singing every 3 part round we could remember for her, as she was fading from this earthly plane. My family was texting words of our favorite rounds as fast as they could, for us to sing. "Dona Nobis Pacem," "Go Now in Peace", "Lily of the Valley", "Tender Shepherd" and yes, even "Row, row row your Boat"!

I know I speak for many of you when I say how thankful I am for her guidance, strong leadership, expert teaching, devoted friendship, and for holding us accountable to a very high standard as we have set up the strong foundation that ISD Oneonta rests upon. There will be much more information in a full obituary to follow, including plans for a memorial service to be held in January (Date TBD) both via ZOOM, and for a few people at the Lewis Hurley Pietrobono Funeral home right next door to the Lotus Center.

Really, she is right here beside me, making sure I put her sentiments into this letter, and in my mind's eye, she is pointing to each and every one of you, and looking in your eyes and saying thank you for your part in making this metaphysical center a reality, and she was just there so you could step on her shoulders, and be boosted into the future of your own hopes and dreams. Whatever your part has been- board member, ISD member, volunteer, teacher, student, healer, cheerleader, ministry student, advisor, money counter, donor, administrative helper, YOU know who you are and you know what you contribute, not only to ISD, but to humanity as a whole. We have made a giant step toward a more peaceful world. She says that's all you need to know. As Sue is reminding me, your biggest error can be too many words, too much talking!!! Over and out, with a salute. To Infinity and Beyond!!!

And, again, from me, her sister Diana, now ISD Pastor, I'm not done yet!
  1. If you have memories, comments you would like to leave for Sue's husband, Tom Landon, or Diana, or to anyone of our very large family, please go to the Funeral Home website at: Please leave your comments there, then anyone in the family can view them, rather than reply to this email.
  2. If you would like to honor Sue's memory with a donation, in lieu of flowers, as per Sue's wishes, please click on the yellow "Donate Button" on the home page at the website, or send a check made payable to the Institute for Spiritual Development, w/ "Rev. Sue ” on the memo line and sent to Diana Friedell, 400 County Highway 58, Oneonta, NY 13820.

In Peace, Rev. Diana Friedell
Pastor, Sister, Soul Sister

Reverend Susan Borden Landon
1/28/51 - 11/23/2020

Thank you Pamela Frutiger for the fun photo of Sue in Pamela's butterfly headdress, at our Halloween Party, October 2018.