All you need is love - The Beatles (sing along!)
All you need is love - The Beatles (sing along!)

Hello there! I hope life is treating you well. I thought I was going to take a couple week's vacation right now but instead the small business world seems to want my time. OK. For some of the latest thinking I've been doing I share below some of my recent blog posts. I'll get back to politics and calls to action in the next issue. For this one, all you need is love.  Happy Valentine's Day!  Love, Albert

Inboxes Since the start of 2016 I've taught a class called The Power of the Inbox 


Blab - - a place to learn, grow, make new friends, and learn public speaking skills. Interviewing skills. 


I find the more I poke around in the corners of Facebook, the more interesting things I learn. Here are 5 ways that I experience Facecrack that might illuminate what's going on there and help guide you to a more improved experience.


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