February at One.

I don't know about all of you, but it is finally beginning to seem like we can see a glimmer of light ahead. With February and spring soon upon us, we are hopeful that during this month in which we typically celebrate love, we can bestow some of that on ourselves, our neighbors and our fellow man.

Take a moment and breathe. Look at the trees and appreciate them for what they are. They will guide you to find the light within yourself to do good things, to shine and to be the beacon for others.

Many of us have taken the first step towards a return to normalcy with vaccination, but we have a long way to go before all of us can join together again. Along the way, let us continue to lift each other up in love.

Thank you once again for taking the time to open our newsletter, our gift to you to find helpful information about your health, your community, and to guide us all to be the best we can be.

Yours in Wellness,

Jennifer and Christina