February at One.

With the second month of the calendar upon us, and the dark days and ridiculous amount of snowstorms in January behind us, February is starting to look promising. It is the month of love, and whether that is love for another person, an animal, love of life, or your health, now is the time to celebrate even the small things that make it all worthwhile.

The US government has started a program to ship free Covid tests to your home, if you haven't yet, get yours at

One. has many ways to bring in February, and if you are looking for the perfect gift for Valentines' Day, there is nothing better than the gift of health, get your gift certificate with us for any of the many services we provide.

We hope that you are taking control of your health and even though you might have been dealt a bad hand with lousy genes, the life choices we make actually are what help to determine our outcome. Our newsletter is chock full of information on ways to improve our health and things to add to make small positive gains. We hope you enjoy it and as always and if you are new to us, please give us your feedback, we love hearing from you!

Yours in Wellness,

Jennifer and Christina