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Beware of Valentine's Chocolate!
We wanted to wish you all a happy Valentine's day, but also wanted to remind everyone to keep their beloved pets away from chocolate, which is poisonous to them! We have a recipe below if you would like to treat your dog to something good for her instead!

In case your furbaby does consume some chocolate, and you can't be seen by a vet immediately, you can induce vomiting with Hydrogen Peroxide.

To induce vomiting: 5 mLs (1 teaspoon) of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide for every 10 lbs.

Use a turkey baster, stick in the side of the mouth, not down throat. Repeat every 15-20 minutes no more than three times, until the animal vomits!

If your pet is severely ill, we recommend calling one of the the poison hotlines! Have a credit card ready to pay a one-time fee for advice from a veterinarian. They will guide you through what to do.