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Cub Update
All eight cubs are healthy and continue to thrive. They are each eating 7-9 pounds per day of a specially formulated diet designed for big cats in captivity. They also require 23-28 pills (depending on weight) of Vitamin A supplementation per day in addition to their special diet. This is to prevent a rare condition of Vitamin A deficiency in young, captive lions that can be fatal. Luckily, with our early intervention we haven't seen any symptoms of a problem. Additionally, all of the female cubs have now been spayed and recovered from their procedures without difficulty. The most recent excitement for the cubs was their first snow day. In case you missed it, you can enjoy the photos here.   
Arnold's New House
Arnold the pig has continued to settle in to life at the sanctuary since he arrived in July. He's such a happy, friendly little guy! When you approach his habitat he oinks and runs over to greet you! We recently got him a new home to keep nice and cozy, and he's really enjoying it!
Valentine's Day Special
Are you looking for a unique and special Valentine's Day date? Celebrate with your sweetheart at National Tiger Sanctuary on February 18-19, 2017! The first 100 couples to purchase their tickets will receive a flower and chocolates as our gift to you! If you're really trying to impress, spend an afternoon or even a whole day with the cats by reserving a Behind the Scenes or Day with the Director Tour. Tour options and pricing can be found here.  
Open Presidents' Day
National Tiger Sanctuary will be open on Monday, February 20, 2017 to celebrate Presidents' Day. Enjoy your long weekend with a guided tour of the sanctuary! Tours will take place at 10 am, 12 pm, 2 pm, and 4 pm. You can find more information about tour types and pricing here
Cat of the Month - Etana
Etana was rescued with four other lions after being abandoned by their owner in 2013. Little is known about their history or origin, because no records of any kind were passed on to us. Etana is keeping busy with her full-time job of being a mother and teaching her cubs everything they need to know about being a lion!  You can contribute to Etana's care by adopting her  online  or over the phone. As a thank you, we will send you a t-shirt, photo, window decal, and certificate of adoption.