"And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love. "
1 Corinthians 13:13

Spotlight Story
Reconciliation Outreach Welcomes Frank Lott as their new COO - Chief Operation Officer
Frank Lott brings a strong background of leadership and a lifelong dedication to serving others in his new position as Chief Operations Officer (COO) of Reconciliation Outreach. After serving in the U.S. Navy during Operation Desert Storm, he worked in private sector as security operations, and spent nearly 10 of his 15 year career as Training Coordinator and Chaplain for a North Texas Police Department. Since 2002 he has focused his efforts on ministry, serving as founder and pastor of several churches, as well as managing a nonprofit ministry. Frank earned an Associate degree in Criminal Justice and a Bachelor’s degree in Pastoral Ministry, and he is currently working on a Master of Divinity degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He and his wife, Jennifer, are loving parents to four children. Frank’s faith in Christ leads his daily life and guides him in his community service and ministry. As COO of Reconciliation Outreach he will apply his Christian principles to overseeing RO’s day-to-day operations which include, working with the RO president in development and implementation of the strategic plan, developing strategies to strengthen funding sources, establishing collaborative relationships with civic and church groups, managing the organization’s buildings and promoting an organizational culture that fosters passion for the mission and core values of Reconciliation Outreach.
RO's After School Program
We are honored to be able to provide for the children in our after school program, the kids are such a blessing to the community and everyone involved. Thank you to our Teacher's Linda and Virgie.
Thanks to all of our generous Donors. Alpha Men and Oasis Women are having a grand time a Reunion Tower in Downtown Dallas.
T he men and women's programs of Reconciliation Outreach started out the year with a trip to the viewing deck of the Reunion Tower in downtown Dallas where they enjoyed coffee, fellowship and great views.
Please be with us in congratulating Prince Taylor & Wendy Byrum in the completion of the one year Discipleship program. They have both decided to dedicate the next 18 months to the Ministry Intern Program where they will continue serving at RO.
These smiling faces are because of First Baptist Dallas Church and the their fantastic Luncheon! THANKS
Thank you First Baptist Dallas for coming and serving us a wonderful banquet luncheon on Saturday, January 20th. The men and women of RO were blessed and even took home leftovers. We are so grateful to have so many wonderful partners that keep our work in the community of east Dallas going.
Alpha Men's Pine Grove Retreat
The Men's Alpha program had the privilege of spending the weekend in Pine Cove at the annual Men's Retreat where they enjoyed activities like skeet shooting, zip-lining and go-karts on the shores of Lake Palestine. More importantly they had amazing encounters with the Lord through worship, fellowship and prayer.
2018 TBN's JOY IN THE TOWN with Dorothy Moore, Brad Slimp and Host, Cheri Duckworth
W e were blessed by TBN's Cheri Duckworth who host Joy in Our Town. Cheri and her crew came on site to interview founder and chairman, Dorothy Moore. We would like to thank all our ministry partners and friends for making everything possible we do here. May God bless you all for all generations to come.
Celebrate with us Matthew Biamont's Graduation!
Join Us!
Wednesday, February 14, Reconciliation Outreach is hosting a graduation ceremony and party for Matthew Biamont who has diligently served in RO's Men's Alpha Program for one year. After being a drug addict for the majority of his adult life and serving two sentences in prison, Matthew was almost to the point of homelessness. He found out about RO from First Baptist Church in Carrollton. Since joining the program he has rededicated his life to God, found purpose and hope for the future. He has accepted an invitation into the Ministry Intern Program and will be serving at Reconciliation Outreach for another year and a half.
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