February 1, 2019
Greetings, Friends!
Please forgive my earlier email- been there and done that for Greyt Love! I'm still learning with this constant Contact communication. :)
You are ALL our Valentines!!
Because, by shopping at NorthcoastGreyhounds.org and participating in our auctions and raffles, 100% of your purchases support greyhound transport and adoption! We LOVE you and THANK you!
Yep- I'm going shopping! Hopefully, I'll bring home all the goodies you'll see on our page and in our events in all of 2019! So there's nothing new on the website right now other than our always available Sterling Classics .

If you need a Valentine, though, keep in mind I'll be out of town between February 4th through 9th- just barely enough time to ship in time
after my return, but there are still 3 days to shop before I leave!

Our color selection of hearts has dwindled, but an order has been placed and will arrive in about three weeks- including PINK!

You'll want to watch this YouTube video of DR. NICOLA MASON discussing her canine cancer program!
It's personal, entertaining and educational!

I am especially impressed to learn that Dr. Mason's trials are now offered at more than TWENTY clinics, according to this article in Veterinary Practice News! Open the link to find a location near where you live- I hope you don't need one but someone you know might..., The article is worth saving.