Yay!...It's Loving Vibes Time.

Whether You're Into the Special Day or
You'd Just Like to
Keep the Love Coming All the Time,
Here Are Some 
Wonderful Gifties.

Garden. You can invoke spring (ASAP!) and partake of a silk velvet pomegranate, an egg music box, a little book of roses, and a flower pin.
Garlands. We don't mean to make you seasick with this photo!....but we thought it would dispel any lingering winter doldrums. We have an excellent variety of garlands right now, as well as the Valentine's Day one.

Body Products. Delectable perfumes, colognes, and body oils, as well as a few beard items. If you're in a bind, figuring out how to gift a loved one, one of these could be the ticket.
Petite wool, animal rugs. This delightful pink leopard hails from the Royal Heartthrob Forest of New Guinea. (Sorry.....I need to amuse myself on this quiet day!) Seriously, this pink treasure is wonderful for this holiday or year-round. Fanciful, but not sappy. And we have an excellent variety of realistic-hued critters, as well: tiger, white tiger, leopard, snow leopard, panda, and a black bear with a decorative, floral touch.
Glass hearts and candles. In addition to these pictured, we have other colors of hearts and a variety of candle scents.
Paper flowers. Would you like to give flowers, but not watch 'em die? Here's your solution. Festive, made of hardy crepe paper, and long-lasting if you keep them inside. The peony pictured here fluffs out to about 12 inches in diameter. We have larger ones and different colors, as well.
Sterling silver spinner rings. These are beautifully made....and oh so satisfying, if you need to fidget. 
Luscious necklaces and a pyrite heart. A picture is worth a thousand words. 
Cards. We have a wonderful array of Valentine's Day cards, as well as for every other occasion.
fragment of Bull's Eye
c2012 Luana Kaufmann
One of Many Archival Pigment Prints of 
Luana's Cut-Paper Collages 
If You'd Like to See the Full, Ample
Array of Luana's Collage Prints,
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