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Employee Newsletter Vol. IV Issue VI
February 2016

It's only February and it's already been a doozy of a year! What do you think, will Punxsutawney Phil see his shadow - indicating 6 more weeks of winter - or will we have an early Spring? The Farmer's Almanac is predicting déjà vu, do you think Phil will too? 

Been wondering how Groundhog's Day  became a tradition or whether all groundhogs are capable of forecasting the weather? Find the answers to these questions and more on the Punxsutawney Groundhog Club website

Shadow fearing rodents aside, there is a lot to look forward to this month!  Did you know there are 29 days in February this year? That's right, 2016 is a Leap Year! Leap Day is an extra day that is added to the calendar (almost) every 4 years to account for the earth's revolutions around the sun. Learn more Leap Year in this recent  Forbes article . Do you know any " leaplings "? Don't forget to wish them an extra special birthday!

With February 14th right around the corner, we would like to be the first to ask, will you be our Valentine? Either way, we wish you a Happy  Valentine's Day !

We also hope you have a very Happy President's Day! Enjoy the long, holiday weekend!


Katy Cook, CSP
Marketing Coordinator
Valentine's Day Treats!

Valentine's Day is the perfect opportunity to do something nice for those you care about! Wondering how? It doesn't need to be expensive - small gestures go a long way!  In fact, many believe that homemade is heartfelt!

On Valentine's Day, as with many other days, one of the most popular ways to reach someone's heart is straight through their sweet tooth! 
If you're searching for a delicious dessert recipe or two, check out the Country Living website for 32 Valentine's Day Desserts That Will Melt Your Heart! Take a look at the decadent dessert ideas from The Food Network for any of the chocolate lovers in your life! 
Feeling crafty but need a little inspiration? Here are a few artsy ideas that will surely get your creative juices flowing! Check out the kid-friendly activities highlighted on The Artful Parent as well as  Martha Stewart's collection of crafts! 
Wrapping Up JobSeeker January

We just wrapped up JobSeeker January here at RealStreet! What is JobSeeker January?  Watch this video to learn more.

Did you have a question that didn't get answered? Don't worry, whether we missed a topic, you were too busy or you simply didn't begin a job search until today and have more questions than answers, we would still love to hear from you. RealStreet is here to help you in your efforts to find a new job in 2016!   

Phone: 877.480.8002
Featured News!
During a job search, your resume is one of your most important tools. As this document is often your first impression with a recruiter or hiring manager, it needs to shine! So, how to do you take a resume from average to outstanding!?

Unfortunately, there isn't a universal set of rules to writing a perfect resume. The effectiveness of a resume might depend on the situation; e.g. applying to an online job post v.s. going to a face-to-face interview. Furthermore, preferences can vary from person-to-person, company-to-company and industry-to-industry. The key is understanding your audience as well as the intended end use of the document.

For 4 tips to help you create an ATS-friendly resume and get the job you want, view the full post
Seasonal Health & Safety
The winter months can be pretty nasty! Poor weather conditions cause hazards on the road and lend to confinement indoors and increased inactivity. Germs run rampant in schools and offices and before you know it, you get knocked out from the latest bug.
The following articles feature great tips to stay healthy during the winter:
For great  check out t he  Three S's of Winter Prep: Season, Storm, Supplies.  via The Hartford

Seasonal Maintenance is Critical
  • Have snow-removal equipment and the heating system serviced on an annual basis, which includes testing to make sure the heat is working throughout the home.
  • Insulate any pipes that are susceptible to freezing and unhook hoses from outdoor faucets. Plus, it's a good idea to locate your water shut-off valve and ensure it is in working order.
  • Prune trees and keep gutters clear of debris to prevent damage from falling branches and ice dams.
Storm Preparation is Important
  • Pay attention to local TV and radio stations for important weather updates.
  • Become familiar with how to trip the manual release on overhead garage door openers and have shovels ready ahead of the storm.
  • Make a family communication plan in case you're not together when the storm hits.
  • When a storm is imminent, move vehicles off the street and/or away from large tree limbs.
Supplies are Crucial
  • Have bottled water and non-perishable foods, clothing and blankets, batteries and flashlights, snow shovels and other snow-removal equipment on-hand in the event of an extended power outage.
  • Keep a supply of rock salt, other ice melt or sand, in case the stores run out during a particular storm.
  • Don't forget your pets - bring them inside during bad weather or move animals to sheltered areas where they have access to non-frozen drinking water.
Wishing you a very Happy Birthday!
  • Charles S. - 2/13
  • Nichole G. - 2/17
  • Michael G. - 2/16 
Congratulations Melissa for obtaining the American Staffing Association's designation of Certified Staffing Professional (CSP)! 
Visit the RealStreet website to learn more about 
Melissa Spaid-Decker, CSP, PHR, SHRM-CP, Recruiter. 

Holiday Closing
RealStreet will be closed on President's Day: Monday, February 15, 2016.
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We Value Referrals
Who in your network is looking for a new opportunity? Check our  open positions, to see if any of them are a match to the job seekers that you know. At RealStreet, we value great candidates and when it comes down to it, we know you're the Real Deal! We have a great referral program that compensates you for every qualified referral you provide us.

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Seasonal Musings

If ground-hog day was bright and fair,
The beast came forth, 
but not to stay;
His shadow turned him 
to his lair,
Where six weeks more, 
he dormant lay
Secure in subterranean hold-
So wondrous weatherwise was he-
Against six weeks 
of ice and cold,
Which, very certain, there would be...

~ H.L. Fisher, "Popular Superstitions "

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