Happy Valentine's Day
A Prayer on St. Valentine's Day

Lord God, we thank you that through our earthly lives you speak of your eternal life. We rejoice in the wonder of creation, the gift of life, the joy of love, and the many blessings that our relationships bring. Renew in us the fruits of your Holy Spirit that we may know your love, joy and peace, through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.

A Thought About Valentine's

"In direct counterpoint to the dominant strains of competition and striving that too often poisons our relationships with others, Jesus as the new Moses leads us into loving people rather than things. As we move beyond Valentine’s Day, we turn our faces toward the beautiful discipline of Lent, remembering our common bonds within creation. At the foundation of it all is a determination here within the Jesus Movement to build a new kind of community that seeks to exclude no one, but rather embraces everyone."

Lesslie Scoopmire on the Episcopal Cafe

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