Dear Friends,
A group of LHR staff and volunteers were talking the other day, and the conversation naturally turned to food. Our ex-New Yorker is a good cook, and to her, feeding her family and friends wonderful food is a show of caring. Another staffer shared that his grandmother won't let anyone leave her house until they have eaten something. A volunteer told a story about a lopsided birthday cake that ended up being the star of child's birthday party. We all come from different places with different cultures, but have something so basic in common. We grew up in communities or in families where "food is love".

At LHR, we truly believe that food is love. Food is a basic need, but it is also the way our community shows caring for one another. So thank you for all you do to help our neighbors! We hope you feel the love and gratitude we're sending your way this Valentine's Day.

Jennifer Montgomery
Executive Director
Love On Wheels
Have you seen this truck traveling around Loudoun?
It’s Loudoun Hunger Relief’s new Mobile Market, and it’s been traveling to Sterling to bring emergency grocery services to those who need them closer to where they live.

The Mobile Market stocks all the same items as the Leesburg pantry location. It has a refrigerator and a freezer for meats, milk, eggs, and deli items. It has shelf-stable items, and it has fresh produce.

The Mobile Market comes to the Sterling Community Center parking lot every Monday (other than Federal holidays) from 1-2:30. Service will continue to expand throughout 2020!

This project was funded in part by Department of Housing and Urban Development Community Development Block Grant funds administered by the Loudoun County Department of Family Services.
Major funding was provided by the Claude Moore Charitable Foundation, the Dulles Greenway’s Drive for Charity, 100WomenStrong, and the Sterling Women Giving Circle.
LHR Executive Director Jennifer Montgomery named Nonprofit Executive Leader of the Year by Loudoun Chamber of Commerce
January 24th was a fabulous night at the Loudoun Chamber Leadership Awards and Annual Meeting. The Chamber honored many tremendous Loudoun community leaders. LHR's own Jennifer Montgomery felt the love for her strong leadership in the community, and for her tireless work to support the less fortunate among us.

Jennifer leads every day from the head and the heart, with the best interest of our community at the center of all she does. We're beyond proud!

But just in case you think we're letting it go to her head, note that her colleagues are still expecting her to clean up after herself at the office.
Warehouse Equipment Makes Our Hearts Beat Faster
Loudoun Hunger Relief is proud to be the recipient of several grants that together will fund replacement of our warehouse food hampers. Dominion Energy Charitable Foundation has granted $10,000 for this project. The Loudoun Chamber Foundation has granted $4000. Microsoft has granted $5000 for the hamper replacement project, and an additional $5000 that funded our needed chicken purchases during the month of January.

Our warehouse staff and volunteers are so excited that they just can't hide it! We'll have hampers with wheels that work, that can hold higher weights of food, and are more easily cleaned. We're sending special love to all our grantors on this project!
All Our LOVE to Wegmans
Customers and Team!
Wegmans' 2019 Check Out Hunger Campaign has provided almost $52,000 to Loudoun Hunger Relief to help those in need in our community.

Wegmans has been helping in Loudoun via the Check Out Hunger Campaign for over a decade. We are incredibly grateful to the team at the Dulles and Leesburg Wegmans stores, and to all the Wegmans customers who donated at register.
LoCo Ice Bowl 2020
The Loudoun Disc Golf Club has done it again!

With a chill in the air, but warmth in their hearts
they held the eigth annual LoCo Ice Bowl to benefit Loudoun Hunger Relief on January 25.

Totals aren't final yet, but they raised at least $16,000!

We are so grateful for their commitment to relieving hunger in our community!

Loudoun Hunger Relief