Happy Valentines Day!
from Alpen Schatz
We at Alpen Schatz want to wish each and every one of our wonderful Alpen Fans a fantastic Valentine's Day.

Be sure to spread the love to all those who are dear to you, including your fabulous four legged friend.

With love & liebe Grüßen,

Your Alpen Schatz Team
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A Parade of Happy Schatzi's!
Our latest Happy Customers
Precious Havanese Poodle mix, Coco, looking regal in her brand new Traditional Swiss Dog Collar

"Hi there, we look forward to the posting! And are so grateful for the (Christmas) gift from Robin. Our little darling is our special sweetheart and we love the time with her. Hard to believe how she changes life for the better."

Martin & Catharine - Hamilton, Ontario
Sweet Sophie keeping warm in her Earthbound Tweed Sherpa Dog Coat

"Perfect fit. Thank so much! " Rob - Chelsea, MA 
Klaus looking festive in his new Christmas Contemporary Swiss Dog Collar

"Happy New Year to you too! This is Klaus, our 11 month old pug!"
Audrey - Duluth, MN
Looking lovely in her Warm Winter Fleece Headband

"I love my new headband, thank you" Lisa - Bayfield, CO
So pleased!! Many thanks- Pippin (Traditional Swiss Collar)

"Dear Mary Dawn,

He is a toy poodle called Pippin. He sits in the window in my curtain shop in Bath - just adorable!!"

Many thanks, Katie
Beautiful Bernese, Jeter and Mo, with their Traditional Swiss Dog Collars

"We love your products. I actually get a bit put out when I see any dog other that a Swissy or a Berner wearing the Edelweiss. But they are so beautiful. We recently lost our first Berner, Jeter and I have his collar but I feel that our new Berner, Mo needs his own collar!!
I am saving Jeter's collar and hope to have a bracelet made out of it for my daughters.
Thank you,"

Geri - Southampton, NY

"I just wanted to take a minute and let you know what a great experience it has been to do business with you. I first met you all in Telluride where my sister (Tracy Boyce) lived and still does. I bought my first cowbell then, and knew that I had to find you and purchase another one. I have them hanging on my door to alert me when my grandkids are over and they want to go outside. I have loved having your beautiful cowbells displayed with so much character. Also, I'm grateful for you to have taken the time meeting my preference color.  Thanks again for the great experience!
Blessings to you,"

Marla Howeth - Oklahoma City, OK

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that my grandson absolutely loves his dog!!! It turned out waiting so long wasn’t as bad I thought because he was so excited to get the present.  Thanks for all you tried to do to help. 

Cheryl B - Genoa, OH
Handsome Bernese Zurich (Swiss Dog Collar & Swiss Keg)

"Zurich is big now and was lounging. Hope you guys are all safe and doing well."
Eddie - Sotto Studios LA
Regal RiffRaff in his Contemporary Swiss Dog Collar

Dear Mary Dawn,
The collar for RiffRaff, our Portuguese Podengo has thankfully arrived today and looks stunning - as you can see in the attached image.
Best wishes for a Happy New Year
Francesco - Portugal
Amber styling in her Traditional Swiss Dog Collar

"Your lovely collar arrived safely. Amber is a very smart dog now!
Best regards
Charlotte - Newton Abbot UK
Service Dog Rupert (HUNTER Red Swiss Cross Collar)

"Hi Mary Dawn, everyone in the Berner Community is familiar with you guys.
Your the best. Were all Berner people, we've had four in our family.
I'm so excited to put Rupert's new collar around his precious neck.

Rupert is my ESA, I'm a PTSD survivor and I couldn't be without him! 

My son Campbell was married two years ago on the Matterhorn, and my
former wife and her family lived across the road from Lake Geneva some
years ago, she went to high school there.

Rupert says hi from our new home in Boulder!

Thank You"

Ed Levy - Boulder, CO
Sweet Sierra looking pretty in her Austrian HEIDI Collar

"Her name is Sierra. 

She’s a Bernadoodle, but didn’t get that curly gene. She looks more like a Hovawart. We fell in love with her color. 

She’s a sweetheart. 

Yes, you can feature her in the upcoming newsletter. 


Edmund - San Jose, CA
Handsome Chocolate looking stunning in his new Red Swiss Cross Collar by HUNTER

"He’s name is Chocolate if you want you can use his picture. 
Chocolate loves his collar 🥰"

Mighty Neufy Blake modelling his new Tan Contemporary Swiss Dog Collar and Swiss Cowbell

"Hi Mary Dawn,

Blake is the star of @newfinmysoup on FB and IG and is to be in a photo shoot by a famous photographer.

Check him out on FB or IG. David Yarrow Photography. He is from London, but is traveling the Rocky Mountain states for the next few months on his “Wild West” tour. Blake will be posing at a poker table in a saloon in his attempt to recreate one of the famous Dogs Playing Poker paintings into a photograph. This is a HUGE opportunity for Blake to be featured in one of his photos, and I imagine you would be excited to see one of your collars on him in the photo!"

Denise - Ridgway, CO
Noble Great Dane sporting his Traditional Swiss Dog Collar

"His name is Hans Christian Jager- or Jager for short. He’s 4 years old and loves his fancy new collar."

Jeffrey - Colorado Springs, CO
Sherriff Ralston keeping the peace in his large Contemporary Swiss Dog Collar

"Hi Mary Dawn,
Good morning! I hope you are doing great and staying safe! This is so much fun... 
Here is Ralston with your collar on Halloween :)
It’s his birthday today! He is 13 :)
Have a wonderful day today!"

Aaron and Ralston - West Hollywood, CA
Happy Berner, Uno, receiving his Christmas wish! Contemporary Swiss Dog Collar

Uno has asked for a new collar for Christmas and of course he gets what he wants! :)
Thanks for your help!"

Cindy - Auberdale, MA
PS... when I was looking online last night I saw a photo of my other dog modelling a collar.. thanks 🤩
Handsome Lab Georgie looking stunning in his Traditional Swiss Dog Collar

"I thought you might like to see a picture of my dog Georgie in her new collar. We love it, thank you 😊"

Dana - Bloomfield Hills, MI
Henrietta celebrating her new Contemporary Swiss Dog Collar

"Hello Mary Dawn,
Henrietta with her new collar! Henrietta is a miniature Wirehaired Dachshund. Thank you!👍🏻"

Silja - Asbury Park, NJ
Lila and Sage showing off their new Swiss Dog Collars

"Hi Mary Dawn,

Thank you for making these wonderful collars available. I wanted to let you know that my two dogs, Lila and Sage, and I, as volunteers for our local humane society, visit classrooms (now through Zoom) to talk about dogs, show off some of their tricks and talk about the humane society. In almost every session one of the kids will ask about the collars. It is a great lead in to talk about German Shepherds and their origins as herding dogs. So know that your collars are bringing a bit of fun and education to kids.

I am attaching a couple of pictures of the dogs in their collars."

Take care,
All in the family! Happy Schatzi Schnauzers in their matching Traditional Swiss Dog Collars

We LOVE seeing our happy customers in their Alpen Schatz gear - whether furry or not! Please EMAIL us pictures of your beloved pet or yourself enjoying your Alpen Schatz bling and we will feature you in an upcoming Newsletter and on our Instagram @alpenschatz and Facebook Page Alpen Schatz Boutique.

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Spreading the Alpen Love

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