Lent spans 40 days. In the last year, it has felt like 365. After all, this week marks the one-year anniversary of the great SSCC flood. That event was immediately followed by the pandemic. Now we have the ongoing issues of heating our sanctuary. At least for our community of faith, it feels like we continue to wander in the wilderness. For some it still feels like we missed Easter in 2020 altogether.

Yet, as Paul writes, “We are not a people who live without hope.” As the Psalmist writes, “There may be weeping at night, but there is joy in the morning.” As we will hear once again at the end of our Lenten journey, “He is not here. He is risen.” On the one hand, Good Friday is inevitable. On the other, our faith is in a God who promises the same is true of new life. Resurrection is always around us, if we will only take notice.

As we begin the journey of Lent on February 17th, Ash Wednesday, we do so not as a people without hope, but as a people more hopeful than ever before – for everyone to have shelter, food and clean water, for equality and justice, for wars to end and violence to cease and for a renewed sense that we are all neighbors in this global community. Lent reminds us not just of our complicity in causing these realities, but also in the hope of becoming part of their solution.

Thus, we are offering several opportunities by which to connect to the hope of Lent during this season. There is more specific information in this newsletter about each of these ministries. They include:

1.     An All-Church Commitment to 40 days of Prayer
2.     Ash Wednesday Virtual Worship Service 
3.     Weekly Lenten Video Devotionals
4.     An All-Church Study – “Everybody, Always” by Bob Goff
5.     A New Sermon Series in Worship, “Leaving the Land of the Dead”

Let’s journey this Lenten season with the hope we find in Revelation 21:4 – “He will wipe every tear from their eyes. Death will be no more; mourning and crying and pain will be no more, for the old things have passed away.” No matter how long we may feel as if we are wandering in the wilderness, there is too a promised land. As people of faith, let us be reminded in this season, once again, that no stone is ever too heavy to be rolled away.

Please note: Our HVAC contractors are presently working on the heaters for the Sanctuary, in hopes they will be operational for the service. We are using a commercial space heater prior to the service to warm up the sanctuary, however, if you choose to worship with us in person, please come prepared for either scenario.
We’ve heard plenty of them recently. After all, elections are full of them. Of course, we make our own to ourselves this time of year too. We call them resolutions. They go by other names like commitments, pledges or agreements. While we do our best to keep promises, we all know they are difficult to uphold. More often than not, they even get broken, except, that is, for God’s. While we have placed much of our hope in the
promise of 2021, we have already been let down. Instead, at the beginning of
this New Year, let’s turn our focus, energy and attention to God’s promises, which
are always and forever unbreakable.

February 14, 2021
God’s Promise of Blessing
Matthew 5:1-12
Bryant Gibson

To view the service this Sunday on our YouTube page, click here.
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To view the scripture for this Sunday, click here.
Lauren Jones’ friend, Claire Mracek, her husband Nick, and son Jack, in the loss of their 3 year old daughter Millie this past Monday.

Michelle (Brown) Khan is deploying with the Navy to Iraq and asks for prayers for safe travels and the ability to communicate with family (and edible food!) while she is there.

Larri Wolf requests prayers for Rebecca Arrington and her family. She has glioblastoma a type of brain cancer. Rebecca has two children, a five year old and a two year old. 

Janelle Hicks' sister, "Sissie" Davis tested positive for Covid on 2/3/21. She is now in ICU with Covid pneumonia on a ventilator. Please pray for the Hicks family and the doctors as they go through this difficult time. 

A former member of SSCC Elizabeth Conoly (Sugg) Eggleston passed away on January 29. Click Here to view her obituary for congregants that may remember her. Please keep her family in your prayers.

Please pray for Dottie Gill. She is facing another surgery on her ankle next Tuesday which will lengthen her recovery considerably. She is having many challenges at the present time, but she did find someone to care for Toto, which she is grateful for. Sending her cards would certainly help lift her spirits. 

Anne Bradford's throat surgery was cancelled two weeks ago. She is now having the surgery Monday 2/15. Please keep her in your prayers.  

Please pray for our dear Monalea Dalrymple. Her daughter-in-law said Monalea is in Hospice but she is holding her own. 

Teddy Ivey asks for prayers for Carie Whitaker. She has recently taken in her niece and both were diagnosed with COVID this week and are quite ill. Her niece has already been to the ER with pneumonia in her left lung. 

Prayers for Amy Frost's nieces, Amanda Aiken and Ashley Brasfield who both tested positive for Covid.

Please pray for our members and their families who serve as first responders and health care workers: Dr. Tim Helton, Katie Gibson, Tracey McCluskey, Dr. Vijay Rathinam and Pete French. Also those serving in the military: Derrick Brown (Army) and Michelle Brown (Navy), children of Cindy and Pete Brown. Tyler Brown (Army), son of Tami and Stephen Brown. Jared Mills (Army), son/stepson of John and Floy Mills. Rachel Robeck (Navy), daughter of John and Mary Robeck. Jamie Price Smith (Air Force) and Dalton Brown (Army) granddaughter and grandson of Barb Duren and Chaplain Kevin Mooney (Navy). Linda Whitmire's granddaughter, Hayleigh Whitmire (Army). If we are missing someone, please let us know so that we can include their name in our weekly prayers.

You can join SSCC by a simple affirmation of faith anytime! If you want to join during this virtual time, just let us know you would like to join!
On February 17th, we will upload an Ash Wednesday Service to our YouTube page for you to utilize at your convenience. Obviously, because of safety protocols, we will not be able to administer ashes in person. Instead, we would like you to, in advance of the service, gather some soil to be used during the worship experience. Nathan will explain during worship the purpose of the soil and how you will tend to it throughout the Lenten Season. Bags of soil have already been delivered to homebound individuals. If you cannot get soil on your own, please reach out to the church office and we will make arrangements for you to receive some before Ash Wednesday. Look for more information in an eblast next week!
Leaving the Land of the Dead
A Sermon Series for the Season of Lent
No, it’s not a movie title. It’s the way we have felt over the course of the last year, both literally and figuratively. Let’s just put it this way - it hasn’t exactly been a walk in the park. It has felt more like wandering in the wilderness. Yet, there is a renewed sense of hope in our world – the feeling that there is an end, or at least a new beginning. Could it be that we are finally leaving the land of the dead? The truth is we are always doing so in this life. That’s what Lent is for – to remind us that God is always moving us from death to resurrection. 

February 21, 2021
Leaving the Land of the Dead: Renounce
Matthew 4:1-11
February 28, 2021
Leaving the Land of the Dead: Relationship
John 3:1-17
March 7, 2021
Leaving the Land of the Dead: Recognize
John 4:5-42

March 14, 2021
Leaving the Land of the Dead: Reveal
John 9:1-41

March 21, 2021
Leaving the Land of the Dead: Renew
John 11:1-45

March 28, 2021 (Palm Sunday)
Leaving the Land of the Dead: Require
Matthew 21:1-11
Once again this year, each Monday of Lent, we will be sending out a video devotional via e-blast. Each devotional will be based on the previous Sunday's scripture reading. We hope these devotionals deepen your spiritual reflection during this meaningful season.
The Worship, Arts and Education Committee, along with Pastor Nathan, would like to invite you to join us in a commitment to 40 days of prayer during the season of Lent. We hope that you will carve out time, each day during the next 40 days, to pray for Sandy Springs Christian Church and our ministry in 2021. As we live into whatever the new normal might be, we hope you will pray for God’s guidance and direction for our congregation. If you are someone who prefers a guide for your time of prayer, Teddy and Nathan recommend a website called, www.pray-as-you-go.org. It offers 10-12 minute daily devotionals that make space for prayer and reflection. Thank you for praying with and for the people of Sandy Springs Christian Church as a spiritual discipline during Lent!
We are going to have an all-church study during the season of Lent called, “Everybody, Always” based on the book by Bob Goff. The study aims to help us all love one another, even when we, and the times we are living in, might be difficult. The study take place through the Sunday School Classes, but those classes are currently deciding on when they meet. All studies will be offered via zoom. You do not need to be part of a Sunday School Class to join. Simply pick the class with the time and day that suits best your schedule. A number of teachers, along with Nathan, will help lead this study. Look for an eblast with more information and how to sign up!
We want to wish the seniors at Campbell Stone North a Happy Valentine’s Day! We invite you to make handmade valentine cards/artwork suitable for the senior residents and staff at CSN. (See examples in the picture to the left, made by the awesome kids at TDS downstairs).

Please drop them by SSCC by 2:00 pm this Saturday, February 13th for delivery on Valentine’s Day. There will be a plastic container marked CARDS by the church office front door. Please place your creations in the container. Some sweet treats will be added to your cards for the residents to enjoy. Thank you in advance for your help.

The SSCC Outreach Committee
Here’s a perfect way to reconnect with SSCC friends, while social-distancing at home! Care & Connect has launched a Winter Movie Series — featuring two new movies for February. One is for families with children and another for adults. If you’d like, you can join both!

You can search the movie titles, listed below, on the internet or through your TV service provider to see your best option for viewing. Some of the movies will be free or have a nominal cost depending on whether you subscribe to Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime, Vudu, etc. Pick a time to view the movie(s) that best fits your schedule, then join us Sunday, February 28th, for the Zoom discussion(s).

The February movie selection for adults is "I Am." According to the trailer, This documentary is the story of a man who had it all, until something happened to make him realize he might have it all wrong! This movie should be thought provoking and inspire some good conversation. The Zoom discussion for this movie will be this Sunday, February 28 at 5:00 P.M. 

The February movie selection for families is "Togo." Advertised as “the true untold story” of a man and his sled dog on an important mission, this movie is sure to be thrilling. The Zoom discussion for this movie will be Sunday, February 28 at 7:00 P.M. In spite of the time crunch with the regularly scheduled Youth meetings, participants agreed Sundays at 7 was the best time for most families.
Casey Evans and Pastor Nathan have been working on a podcast they are calling, "SSCConversations." Its purpose is "to be a hope filled effort by and for the people of Sandy Springs Christian Church, as a way to connect to and communicate with both people in our congregation and the greater Sandy Springs/Atlanta area, with positive conversations about our community and its/our relationship to God.”

Click below to listen to last week's podcast entitled, "Patience." We intend to publish future podcasts on Wednesdays, now and again, in the coming weeks, so keep an eye out for more information.

Finally, a big thank you to our Organist, Ella Lewis. Both pieces of music used for the podcast were recorded by Ella. The opening piece is entitled, "Joy Song." The closing piece is called, "The Tocatta." Enjoy!
Come and get out of the rain and warm yourself by the wonderful fireplaces in the Whitmire Pavilion while shopping for your Valentine!

There are gifts from Lupero and Jenner McGinn Studio (both TDS Moms). Items include hand crafted jewelry, scarves, candles, fresh flower bouquets, cards and much more! Come out (today only until 2:30 pm) and support these local small businesses, and get a special gift for your Valentine!
On January 8, 2021, Angi Brown officially transferred her membership from Midway Hills Christian Church in Dallas, Texas to SSCC.

Click on the video to the right to hear her message!
When you give to Week of Compassion, you deploy resources to people in need all around the world. Through sustainable development projects, our partners help provide life-giving water and other critical resources that help communities reinvent and reimagine what is possible. When water comes to a village, people are safer, healthier, and more free to pursue learning and growth , and share more than just water. Let love flow opportunities.
Thanks to 21 SSCC Families, Kroger donated $47.12 to our church through the Community Rewards program.

If you would like to designate SSCC as the recipient of your rewards, simply CLICK HERE!
Just a reminder that the Church office will be staffed Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 9:30 am - 1:00 pm.

We are also retrieving phone messages remotely each day as well. So feel free to call the church if you need anything or email Amy@sandyspringscc.org if you wish.
The CAC is in need of volunteers for the following shifts:
  • Retail Store: M, W, F 9:30-11:45 and 11:45-2:00
  • Donations/Pricing: M – F 9:30-11:30 and 11:30-1:30
Or you can work both shifts in a day. Eventually, they would like to be open M, W and F from 9:30-3:00, expanding the shifts to 9:30-12:30 and 12:30-3:30.

If you have any questions, please contact Cindi McCollough via email -csbfish@bellsouth.net or cell 770-365-0365.

FOOD INSECURITY: If you or someone you know in our church community are facing food insecurity because of a decrease or loss in income, please privately contact Jenna Hicks so that we can provide assistance to keep your pantry full. Email jennakhicks@gmail.com or call 404-441-1668. 

MUST MINISTIRES: If you would like to donate and drop off items please CLICK HERE to access a flyer that outlines the most needed items. Monetary donations are very much needed and can be done so online via their website, or send a check in the mail to MUST Ministries, P.O. Box 1717, Marietta, GA 30061.If you have questions please contact Cathy Cortright at cortright13@gmail.com.
Due to the fact that we are holding "virtual" church service, and are not able to submit prayer requests, feel free to reach out to Merilyn Dimmit, Congregational Care, via Merilyn@sandyspringscc.org or call her at 770-448-8784 and leave a message. Please indicate if your prayer request is confidential (for Clergy/Elders only or for congregational sharing in our newsletter).
SSCC has subscribed to zoom for anyone who might need it to virtually meet using a video conference method. Only one group can use our account at a time. If you would like your group to use zoom to virtually meet, please contact Amy Frost via email (amy@sandyspringscc.org) to schedule your group on the calendar. We can help you learn how to send an invite to your group.
Joshua Moore 2/2
Nancy Trusty 2/2
Scott Dalton 2/4
Dirk Huttenbach 2/6
Dan Ross 2/7
Peter Brown 2/9
Anne Bradford 2/10
Judy Edwards 2/11
Fran Michels 2/11
Dianna Gill 2/13
J.R. Torbert 2/14
Jennifer Armstrong 2/15
Jim Torbert 2/16
Travis Harple 2/19
Kathleen Reese 2/20
Wayne Dimmitt 2/21
Pat Kapphahn 2/22
Tom Bratten 2/23
Chuck Rolen 2/23