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For God so loved the world....Happy Valentines Day!

Father Spitzer's Universe

In case you missed Father Spitzer's live broadcast on January 13, 2016 just click on the image below. He answers viewers questions such as "Please give us a fool-proof argument for the the existance of a Creator".

Father Spitzer's next scheduled live broadcast on EWTN is February 3 at 11:00 AM. Starting in March he will be on EWTN weekly!  You can email him questions, which he will answer live, either on the EWTN Facebook page or at

RECongress 2016

Register now for the upcoming RECongress.   Father will be speaking on Saturday and Sunday and will be in our booth (98) most of Saturday. Stop by and say hi.

A special thank you to Mr. William Murphy and Mr. Brian Newman, who have made a generous donation to the Magis Center. 

We know you give to help the faith of our young people and to strengthen the presence of God's Kingdom on earth.
Thank you so much


Great news!  Due to popular demand we have had to reorder HAPPINESS, THE SERIES and we have plenty on hand to fill all new orders!

This 7-episode video series is designed to answer the most fundamental questions affecting our lives - our happiness, purpose, dignity, and sense of destiny:
1. What is happiness - and how can we be 
optimally happy?
2. What makes life worth living - and even 
optimally worth living?
3. Do we have a transcendent eternal soul through which God calls us to himself?
4. Why does God allow suffering - and how can we suffer well?

This workbook is designed to accompany the video
Happiness, The Series. That said, it could be used on it's own to get a solid basic understanding of how important happiness is in our lives. So many of us have no real idea of how to achieve lasting, pervasive happiness. What makes you happy? Maybe, like Fr. Spitzer, a good bowl of linguini does the trick. How about 3 hours later? Still happy?

There are 7 Chapters in the workbook, each corresponding to a DVD episode. There are time stamps in the workbook to tell you exactly where you can find particular spots in the video. This series should be a must for every high school student and their parents. Target level, high school Freshman and above.
Ask Father Spitzer
 "What should we believe about the History Channel's program, Ancient Aliens?" 

Father Robert Spitzer

Born in Honolulu, Hawaii on May 16, 1952, Fr. Spitzer is a Catholic Priest in the Jesuit order, and is currently the President of the Magis Center and the Spitzer Center.

Learn More about Father Spitzer
13280 Chapman Avenue
Garden Grove, Ca. 92840-4400