Vernal Equinox 2020
Through Appreciating Earth I foster environmental awareness, scientific knowledge, & planetary appreciation. We all consciously & unconsciously change the environment through our actions. Earth education can help us understand how we impact our planet. This Appreciating Earth newsletter provides earth science knowledge & increases environmental awareness. Join me in the infinite exploration of how we can appreciate our planet.                                             
Awareness is a prelude to respect, projected into the world as appreciation.
Happy Vernal Equinox 2020!

Today (Thursday, March 19th) is the first official day of spring for the northern hemisphere! The word vernal is Latin for "pertaining to or occurring in spring", and is also used to describe something as "spring-like, fresh, or young". 

I know some of you are thinking there must be a mistake, because "normally" the equinox occurs on March 20th or 21st, but... continue reading
Geology of Sonoma County Vernal Pools
Vernal pools are ephemeral. They don't last long and only form when the conditions are right, but they are an important haven for rare plant and animal species in California. Sonoma County is dotted with vernal pools each winter and spring, creating a patchwork of wetlands, when there has been sufficient precipitation. Vernal pools are not limited to Sonoma County, or even California, but here the unique geology allows them to form and the climate makes them critical for rare species... continue reading
Future Field Trips
with Nicole!
Beginning in Summer 2020 I will offer field excursions for those who would like to experience nature through the eyes of a geologist. As summer approaches I will send out a newsletter to let you known about the summer field opportunities I am planning. If you have any Sonoma County location requests, go to my website and fill out the contact form .
Let the adventures begin!
Appreciate the Good Life
Many of us are cooped up, watching a global pandemic unfold. Take a moment to appreciate everything science & society has given us in the last century, because not that long ago the spread of disease was unchecked & mysterious. I have gratitude for: safe drinking water, sanitation, pest control, access to healthy food, a variety of exercise options, education about hygiene, vaccinations, medications, & an advanced health care system...these are the benefits of living in the first world in the 21st century. Appreciate them by taking advantage of them to improve your health & immune resistance.
Your Body is Your Little Piece of Earth
We are made of the stuff of Earth, our bodies strengthen & weaken under the influence of gravity, & we are entirely dependent on the environment in which we live. What we can learn from this crisis is that we have to take care of our bodies as best we can. So if you find yourself with a little extra time on your hands these days, sit less & move more. Many fitness studios have moved online & some are offering free classes in support of each other. One of the studios I teach at, The Dailey Method in Santa Rosa is doing so via Facebook
Y es, this was in my previous newsletter, but if you haven't downloaded this app yet, do it now. Prepare before the disaster strikes. California has a new earthquake early warning system in the form of an app named MyShake. This is one of the only apps on my phone that I allow to use my location even when the app is not in use. When an earthquake occurs in California, the MyShake network will send out a warning through the app. In the best case scenario we may have a few seconds to a few minutes to take cover and hopefully ride out the earthquake safely. California and much of the Western US is earthquake country, so we must be prepared to experience and survive the inevitable earthquake. Any warning is better than no warning at all. Go to the MyShake website to learn more & to download the app on your smartphone
Fitness classes with Nicole
Did you know that I teach a variety of fitness classes in Sonoma County? Join me at The Dailey Method in the Mission Plaza (Rincon Valley, Santa Rosa) or at Blue Door Yoga & Wellness Studio in Penngrove. I teach a variety of classes that accommodate a wide range of fitness levels, but I especially enjoy teaching "basics" classes that help people understand how to align their bodies to stay safe while increasing strength and flexibility. Click here to find location, scheduling, and class descriptions on the studio websites.