Happy Veterans Day!
Human Capital Advisors would like to thank all Veterans for their service and protecting our country and our freedoms. In this newsletter, we want to to honor those who are making a difference in the workplace and what corporations are making the transition to civilian life easier.
Best Buy Encourages Veterans to "Be Human, Make it Real, and Think About Tomorrow."

"Best Buy's corporate culture is a great environment for people of diverse backgrounds, including military veterans. Not only do they encourage veterans to apply with the help of the military skills translator on the  Career Portal website  that helps translate military experience into civilian leadership terms, but they also actively support employees in the National Guard or Reserves who need to take time away from work for drill weekends and deployments.

Hirepurpose spoke with two employees to learn more about the ways Best Buy encouraged them during their military career." Learn about them at the link below.

Bringing Army Leadership to Verizon
"Verizon is one of many companies that recognize the unique skills and experiences that veterans bring to the workplace. Through Verizon's website, veterans and military spouses can search for Verizon jobs related to their experience that are located near their military installation. They can also contact a military recruiter directly and read helpful tips for transitioning into the civilian workforce. They can even join Verizon's Military Talent Network, which provides more information and opportunities that best suit their interests and expertise.

In addition, Verizon has a dedicated military recruitment team that organizes and attends career fairs and hiring events for military spouses and veterans. As a result of the company's dedication to service members, Verizon has hired over 10,000 veterans and counting." Take a look at two stories in the link below.

Army Ranger Finds Work Life Balance at Home Depot
"In 2009, Kristopher Green was an Army Ranger. If you asked him on the day of his discharge where he would be in 10 years, he wouldn't have said software engineering. But three career shifts later, the determination, problem-solving, and ability to work on a close-knit team developed in the 75th Ranger Regiment made him a perfect fit for The Home Depot's corporate headquarters in Atlanta." This is his story.

This Air Force Veteran That is Paving the Way for Veterans at Bayer
"Rusty Thomas knows the value of veteran employees. A vet himself, he recognizes the specific benefits that military experience lends to the civilian workforce. Today, through his work at Bayer, Rusty is using that knowledge to serve veteran and military employees and to educate the civilian workforce on the myriad benefits that these employees bring to the table." Read his story below.

The Just Announced "Top Rated Workplaces for Veterans in 2019"
"Job site Indeed  announced the results of its 2019 survey of the top-rated workplaces for veterans,  based on more than 200 million company ratings and reviews. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 19.2 million veterans in the U.S. in 2018--approximately 8 percent of the civilian population.

According to Indeed, however, many veterans face challenges in the workplace, despite currently low unemployment rates. Approximately 25 percent of veterans have a service-connected disability, and their unemployment rate is higher than those without.Here, then, are the 2019 top-rated workplaces for veterans."

Thank you for your Service!