THANK YOU VOLUNTEERS in purple bubble text. The "O" in "you" is a heart shape. At the bottom it says, "Happy National Volunteer month!"
Dear TCOA Volunteers,

This month and everyday, we celebrate you! If you have some free time this April, stop out to one of our nearby drive-through Volunteer Celebration events to meet staff and grab a quick treat and small token of appreciation. We would love to see you!

To view locations, times, and dates that staff will be at a nearby site to greet volunteers, check out the listings by county below.

Read on for a few words of appreciation from TCOA staff to You!
"Just want to recognize and thank the amazing volunteers who work with the Tri-County Office on Aging Friendly Reassurance Program. These wonderful people reach out to an average of 10 seniors a week to brighten their day and check on them. The Friendly Reassurance Program evolved during COVID when everyone was quarantined. At that time the need to help eliminate isolation was solved by the many volunteers who needed to help others to end their own isolation. The program became a huge success and has grown significantly because of our amazing volunteers who care so much about helping seniors. Thank you for helping TCOA clients. Your kindness and caring make all the difference in someone’s life." - Sherry Davis, TCOA Friendly Reassurance Coordinator
"A Great Big from the Heart 'Thank You' to all of our volunteers for you service. We couldn’t do all that is done without your donation of Time and Caring Service you provide." - Carl Buonodono, TCOA Nutrition Director
By Sue Thuma, TCOA MMAP Regional Coordinator

Versatile: Able to adapt to many different functions or activities.
Objective: Not influenced by personal feelings in representing facts.
Likeable: Pleasant, friendly, and easy to like.
Understanding: Aware of other people's feelings; tolerant and forgiving.
Noble: Having fine personal qualities or high moral principles. 
Thoughtful: Showing consideration for the needs of other people.
Earnest: Honest and sincere.
Efficacious: Capable of producing a desired effect.
Reliable: Good quality; able to be trusted.

"I appreciate all the workshop volunteers for sticking by TCOA during COVID. It hasn’t been an easy transition, and finding volunteer opportunities for everyone has been challenging, but you have remained committed and that does not go unnoticed. Thank you for all you do!"
-Christine Histed, Registered Dietician/Evidence-Based Programs Manager
"To Our Awesome Volunteers,
Thank you is such a small way to praise and appreciate our volunteers. For those that volunteer day after day helping with the needs of the clients we serve. From working in the kitchen, to delivering meals, helping in the office, delivering flowers, cards and holiday gifts, as well as making friendly reassurance calls, delivering food boxes, and teaching classes for the Personal Action Towards Health Programs, assisting with tax preparation or offering Information and assistance, serving meals or working on the fundraising committee or advisory board. Each volunteer is unique and special, having their own strengths, that help to carry out the Tri-County Office on Aging mission of promoting and preserving the independence and dignity of the aging population."

Being Friends
“Being Friends is a warm and glowing touch
Its words of kindness that mean so much
Through days and years this bond has grown’
A blessing only friends have known
Being friends holds a meaning true
Its past, its present, and yet its new
I’m glad God made good friends like you.” 
Emily Bertha Greene

Sincerely, Carrie L. Hartenburg, Clinton County Meals On Wheels Supervisor
Meals-on Wheels helps those in need.
Does it need your help? Yes, indeed.
We need funding and your time.
If you can give either, that is fine.
Politicians say it’s just something that sounds good.
It helps the elderly and disabled, so it should.
As a volunteer I give my money and time.
That could affect friends, or family of mine.
Please get involved is all we ask.
Help those in need, that’s your task.
Thank you for caring.

By a Rural Ingham Meals on Wheels Volunteer
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