What is it?
The COVID 4P Log is a smartphone app that collects the anonymous views and experiences of practitioners and policymakers who are working to support children’s wellbeing in the light of COVID-19. Join participants from many parts of the world, working to support children’s wellbeing and contribute to a study to help us to better understand the ways we are responding in new, innovative, and in some cases, unprecedented ways.

How does it work?
Log your 2-minute response to one short question every day, for 8 weeks. The questions are practice and policy-focused, and based on the ‘4P’ human rights framework of protecting children, providing for their unique needs, enabling their participation in decisions that affect them, and preventing harm. Then read the regular ‘Learning Reports’ that will reflect what we’re learning from you. We hope these will inspire change for children’s wellbeing.

How do I find out more?
  1. Follow the project on Twitter & LinkedIn to get the latest updates.
  2. Sign up for the contact list to find out when the App is ready to download, and what countries it will go live in first!
  3. Send any questions or comments to the team: covid19-log4p-project@strath.ac.uk