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November 2021
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World Vasectomy Day. Videos that empower women to self-manage their abortion journey. Expanding access to contraception for youth in DR Congo. These are a few of the efforts that keep us busy at DKT (and that are highlighted below).

I recently visited a pharmacy in Jinja, Uganda. As my DKT colleagues and I were speaking with the pharmacy staff, a young man walked in and asked for a DKT branded ‘Lydia’ Emergency Contraceptive. The pharmacist handed it to him and the client walked back into the street, presumably to give his purchase to his partner. It was an inspiring moment for me to see and reminded me what the ‘theory’ of reproductive rights looks like when translated into on-the-ground reality.

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Chris Purdy
2020 Contraceptive Social Marketing Statistics Updated
Based on feedback from programs, we’ve made some updates and corrections to the 2020 Contraceptive Social Marketing (CSM) Statistics.

The updated version can be found here.
World Vasectomy Day encourages men around the world to make positive choices out of love
Did you know fewer than 3% of men around the world use vasectomies as a contraceptive method? This November, DKT is excited to celebrate World Vasectomy Day by sharing positive and supportive messaging to increase male participation in reproductive health and contraceptive choice. Around the world, provider training sessions and pop-up vasectomy clinics will encourage male acceptance of the safe and effective procedure. World Vasectomy Day hit the road on a two week-long tour across the eastern United States. With broad outreach around the world, DKT looks forward to encouraging more men to get vasectomies and engage in SRH conversations. 

To learn more about the movement and support November activities, follow-along on World Vasectomy Day’s Youtube and Twitter.
In 2020, World Vasectomy Day led a global movement with over 13,000 men receiving vasectomies in 30 different countries.
DKT DRC expands youth-friendly access to contraceptives in local pharmacies
In a recently-published White Paper, DKT DRC showcases their Drugstore Program, a pharmacist training program designed to eliminate disparities in healthcare access for young people. Across younger communities in DR Congo, youth face several challenges accessing SRH products and counselling in pharmacies. 

DKT partnered with pharmacies across the country to shift pharmacists’ attitudes towards providing contraceptives to young people. Training programs focused on youth-friendly counselling approaches, raising community awareness of contraceptive options, and improving visibility of contraceptive-friendly pharmacies. In just four years, the Drugstore Program has helped to train over 1,000 pharmacies.

To learn more about DKT DRC’s Drugstore Program, read their White Paper here.
Batela Lobi Na Yo aims to educate, inspire, and empower youth to make the best decisions for their sexual and reproductive futures.
DKT and Rutgers International celebrate "She Makes Her Safe Choice" initiative this November
For five years, the She Makes Her Safe Choice program has supported women around the world in accessing safe abortion care, contracepetion, and information. In partnership with Rutgers International, DKT committed to preventing over 160,000 unintended pregnancies and averting 2.6 million unsafe abortions worldwide by the end of 2021.

On Tuesday, November 30, Rutgers will host an online event highlighting the best practices and findings from the program. DKT Francophone West and Central Africa’s Regional Director, Nedjma Ben Zekri, as well as partners from Rutgers and elsewhere, will report on key results and achievements over the course of the program. We are proud to recognize the work done to make safe abortion available and affordable. 

Interested in attending? Register to attend the event here.
With the support of the She Makes Her Own Choice program, DKT FWACA made great strides to increase safe abortion across the region.
DKT Brazil celebrates Sex Day with the gift of Prudence Condoms
DKT Brazil celebrated Sex Day on September 6th by giving the gift of Prudence Condoms. While the ongoing pandemic has limited opportunities for in-person contact, DKT took a creative approach to product delivery. DKT partnered with popular Brazilian motorcycle courier, João da Nica, to kick off a day of pleasure-filled condom distribution. 35 additional motorcycle couriers spread the sex-positive Prudence messaging through the streets of São Paulo with LED displays and by delivering special Prudence Condom kits to social media influencers.

The campaign encouraged influencers to share special online discount codes with their followers to purchase Prudence products on Sex Day. No better way to celebrate than with reliable contraception! 
Influencers celebrate the receipt of their Prudence packages filled with the entire product line.
Women First Digital partners with Doctors Without Borders to launch self-managed medical abortion video series
On International Safe Abortion Day, Women First Digital (WFD) and Medecins Sans Frontiers/Doctors Without Borders partnered to launch a step-by-step self-managed medical abortion video series on Videos address important questions ranging from “Am I pregnant?” to “What Happens After an Abortion with Pills?”. With eight lessons in 27 different languages, the video series informs viewers about the safety and effectiveness of medical abortion, with an emphasis on self-care. WFD continues to revolutionize access to safe abortion knowledge by empowering women and girls around the world to make their own safe decisions about abortion care.
The step-by-step self-managed abortion video series addressed important questions form "How do I know that I am pregnant?" to "What will I experience during an abortion with pills?".
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