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Happy World Vegan Day & Month!
How to GO Vegan this Month
When I decided to switch to a plant-based diet, it was fairly easy because I was facing thyroid cancer and was ready to try almost anything that I thought would help cure it. Even though I was motivated and very familiar with vegetarian food, it still took some planning and creativity to make the transition...more here and free offer
Travel with Me!
I just took the most epic trip to South Africa & Zimbabwe and had delicious vegan food all along the way. On my next big trip, I'm taking a small group with me, so you can join me! I can't decide where to go next, so help me out and let me know where you'd like to go- select your option below. If you select "other", reply back to this email with where. I will be deciding soon and setting up details ASAP. The trip will take place late summer/early fall of 2023, so you'll have some time to save and plan. We are going to have a blast wherever we go. Site seeing, good food, cooking lessons and more!
Where would you most like to go with me?
Bora Bora
South Africa
Table Mountain, Cape Town
VIctoria Falls -Zimbabwe
Mandela's Home, Soweto
Cape Town Coast
Zambezi River, Zimbabwe
Kruger National Park, South Africa
Vegan Thanksgiving!
Let Ruby Reds prepare your Vegan Thanksgiving Dinner
Order NOW! Orders close on Nov 19th.
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Albuquerque Ruby Reds Events!
Ruby Reds Vegan & Root 66 is teaming up again. We are back at it next week starting on Thursday Nov 10th & Friday Nov 11th! We will be open for lunch and dinner (11am-9pm). Come by The ABQ Collective at 1321 Eubank! Happy to be back at The Collective!
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