We say goodbye to the Year of the Tiger and welcome in the Year of the Rabbit 🧧🐇! We are excited to start of the Rabbit Year with so many great events. We are looking forward to having a wonderful new year and sharing it with everyone! Happy Lunar New Year!
Happy Year of the Rabbit!
This Thursday: Harmonetiks Energy Healing 4-Week Detox Course (In-Person and Online)
Watch Recording from the Intro to Harmonetiks Energy Healing Detox Class:
This Saturday: Lunarfest in New Haven!
Celebrate the Year of the Rabbit with us at CT's largest Lunar New Year celebration, Lunarfest in New Haven on Saturday January 28, organized by Yale-China Association. Join us in the parade starting at 10AM, down Whitney Avenue in the Audubon arts district. The parade ends with a traditional lion dance performance. Then, head over to the New Haven Museum from 12:30PM - 2PM for our special joint program with Wu Dang Kung Fu Academy, featuring Tai Chi and Kung Fu demonstrations and mini-classes. All events are free and open to the public.

If you will be joining us in the parade, meet at the Yale University International Center (OISS) located at 421 Temple Street. A light breakfast will be served beginning at 9AM.
Sunday January 29: Intro to Sun Style Tai Chi Online Workshop
Sun Style Tai Chi is the youngest of the major family Tai Chi styles. It was created by Sun Lutang, one of the most respected Chinese martial artists of the Republican era. Sun Lutang was a master of the internal martial art of xingyiquan before mastering the internal art of baguazhang. However, Sun Lutang was always the most fascinated by Tai Chi. After learning Wu Style Tai Chi, he developed his own style called Sun Style Tai Chi that incorporates elements of Tai Chi, Xingyi and Bagua.

Sun Style Tai Chi is a very dynamic style and is energetically quite different from the more popular Yang Style. In this online workshop we will explore the nuances and intricacies of Sun Style Tai Chi and practice some Sun Style Tai Chi basic movements and transitions.

In this online workshop, Shifu Shirley Chock will teach Sun Style Tai Chi as taught to her by Grandmaster Aiping Cheng. Grandmaster Cheng was a student of both Li Tianji, one of Sun Lutang's top disciples, and Sun Jianyun, Sun Lutang's daughter.

Please Note: If you subscribe to our Patreon at the Stressbender ($10/month) level or higher, you do not need to purchase a workshop ticket to attend the online workshop. Log in to your account and you will see a post on Patreon with the Zoom link to enter directly: patreon.com/aipingtaichi.
Saturday February 4: Our Lunar New Year Celebration!
We are very excited to host our very first Lunar New Year celebration as the New England Asian American Cultural Center (NEAACC) on Saturday February 4, 2PM - 4PM! The event is organized in partnership with Asian Pacific American Coaltion of CT (APAC). Enjoy cultural performances from local AAPI organizations as well as delicious food from Asian restaurants and favorite dishes shared by event attendees.

If you haven't registered yet, please register now. We are almost sold out of the event!
Save the Date: February 11: Fundraiser for Stephen Watson's Cancer Fund
Come support a great cause and improve your Tai Chi skills at the same time! Join us on Saturday, February 11, 1PM - 4PM for a fundraiser event for beloved Tai Chi instructor Stephen Watson as he battles cancer. Let's help him preserve Someday Farm, his farm and school, and also the place Grandmaster Aiping Cheng and Bob Lepper had their wedding.

Meet Tai Chi instructors, students and practitioners from across CT. Some of CT's best push hands instructors will be there to share their knowledge and skills. Watch, learn and/or participate in partner exchanges. this is a wonderful opportunity to be a part of the greater CT Tai Chi community.
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