Issue No. 184 | Jan. 24, 2020
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Chinese media on the Corona virus
Here is a quick round up of Chinese-language media on the coronavirus:

Caixin is a good place to start, with realtime updates and comprehensive coverage (paywall removed).

Here is the Official WeChat notice that the Wuhan Ministry of Transport is shutting down public transport in and out of the city.

封城后的武汉 presents a short summary and 50-second video of the Wuhan train station being locked down.

This Chinese migration map has gathered big data to supplement front-line reporting on the spread of the coronavirus.

Finally, check out this realtime monitoring map of global cases (English).
俗语 from Xi Jinping's Speeches
chún chǐ xiāng yī

Meaning: closely related, interdependent, lit. as close as lips and teeth ( 造句 )

Original: “这一重要政治共识,深刻诠释了中缅两国唇齿相依、休戚与共的特殊关系,生动体现了两国人民患难与共、守望相助的兄弟情谊,全面擘画了双边关系未来发展的崭新蓝图。”

Source: Xi's speech in Myanmar on January 18, 2020.

Bonus : Get your annual dose of classic 拜年俗语 in Xi Jinping's Spring Festival address .
Spring Festival films
The coronavirus outbreak has also pulled the plug on China's busiest moviegoing weekend of the year, as all new releases have been cancelled.

Variety reports that "within hours of each other on Thursday, the production teams for the film each put out statements on their official Weibo accounts that they had decided to pull out for public health reasons. The messages all spoke of a sense of collective duty to work together to fight the virus, apologized to cinemas, and invariably thanked the 'frontline health workers.'"

In the meantime, we can watch Apple's Spring Festival short film 《女儿》 , released January 12, which was shot on an iPhone11 Pro. The story follows three generations of Chinese women at Chinese New Year.

Major Chinese movie releases that were cancelled include:

Gay Art in Beijing
Here's an excellent read by AMS Next Generation Scholar Marjorie Perry for The New York Times : " How Gay Art Survives in Beijing, as Censors Tighten Grip . "

The AMS Next Generation Scholars Program supports four young professionals committed to a career in writing about China through mentorships with renowned journalists. We look forward to reading and sharing more of our 2019 Fellows' great work.
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