"IMAGES" Photographic Art Gallery
January 2022
"Wonders" so close to home...
Dear friends,
Welcome to my monthly "PHOTOBLOG" newsletter, which I have been publishing for several years and have enjoyed sending to friends and clients in order to keep them informed of my current photographic interests, new works, upcoming exhibits and other Gallery events.
A new "subject" is at the center of each Newsletter, with which I present a short series of pertinent images along with any needed description and details, in order to allow my viewers to become more actively part of the discussion.
Most of the imagery displayed will be eventually on view at "IMAGES" Art Gallery, 14406 Detroit Rd., Lakewood, and of course I always welcome anyone's comments and interest in my work; the Gallery remains open these days, in spite of the current unfavorable circumstances, and I would be very happy to extend to all an invitation to contact us so that a personal "safe" time for a visit could be conveniently arranged.
Any of these and other images could be custom printed/framed and become part of your art collection, based on your specifications and desires.
Over the years my recipients list has gradually grown, thanks to your interest and support, and I encourage you to share this "PHOTOBLOG" with friends and art lovers in your circles.
More of my photography on view at
A sincere "thank you" for your interested attention,
Marcello Mellino.
If you have been receiving my Photo-blog for a while, you will know that I often take my viewers along an imaginary "virtual" trip to at times distant places, where to enjoy a particular moment, a scene, a " feeling" dear to me and worth sharing with you.
However, this month I wanted to " stay home" and simply find pleasure in the many often forgotten or hidden wonders surrounding us here, which are often discarded or ignored by most of us, while searching for something "better" somewhere else!
Hopefully you will enjoy these " Wonders" so close to home, as I have in the past and still do; life is not getting any easier these days, so...relax for a moment and just come along!
It may be difficult to properly describe all the images I have chosen this month; I know that many have little meaning to anyone else but me, however...I still hope you might simply enjoy the visual pleasures coming your way!
"Forest City", permanently inhabited by his owner, is docked on the West bank of the Cuyahoga River for most of the year; I photographed her during a wonderful excursion up the river last Summer, and for a while I felt really envious of the skipper!
I have not been sailing that frequently these last several years, in spite of my natural propensity for sail boats since my youth, however I rarely will miss the chance to shoot a pretty sail on the water!
Cleveland never tires me, as a subject of my curiosity: from the iconic " Guardians of Transportation" majestically watching over all kind of vehicles crossing the "Bob Hope" bridge connecting Carnegie and Lorain roads, to the R&R hall of Fame and to the giant Chandelier marking the entrance into the Theater District, with plenty of amazing night views of the Downtown skyline...
A chance to watch our beloved "Tribe" on a wonderful Summer night gave me the opportunity to bring home some great shots of the game, the Indians and their fans, surrounded by a glorious atmosphere; who would have thought then that a century old name would ultimately fall victim to some not well explained political pressure?
If this really upsets you, take the time for a visit to the Art Museum, as long as it remains open, to "breathe" a reassuring message of beauty and indelible artistic achievements. It is really so easy to forget how culturally rich is our city, and how easy it is to take advantage of its offerings!
Several recent requests pertaining the now famous "Guardians" made me go back to my past work on the subject, thus rediscovering some new details and historic notes. There are eight of them by the Carnegie Bridge, each holding a different mode of ground transportation, and a great example of Cleveland Art Deco sculpting from 1931.
The frighteningly anatomically perfect hand is located by the Museum of Modern Art on the East Side: a great photo op! The open Pavillion is a wonderful venue for wonderful summer musical performances, near by the Aquarium, on the West Bank of the River.
Classy Lady, a beautiful horse housed by the Metropark stables, was the subject of my oldest granddaughter equine interests years ago!
The Holiday Season has finally ended, bringing a good deal of uncertainties and at times difficult "navigation" throughout the numerous hurdles pandemic related, but somehow we made it...we now must hope for a better, safer and possibly easier New Year coming upon us, while still remembering to remain vigilant and "smart"...
I have been quite busy with several interesting new photographic projects and new commissions, and look forward to new challenges and discoveries coming my way!

We hope to see you again at the Gallery!
Best, Marcello.