Albert on Mt. Tabor

Greetings from the nicest day ever! It feels like the world is made of cotton candy today - fresh, warm breeze and I haven't even made it to the beach, yet!  We had a fun party last Saturday night to celebrate me and my fellow Taurus birthday folk. It really was one of the sweetest gatherings. 

Welcome to another issue of The Eleven - my monthly newsletter full of thoughts and a call to action. This month - VOTE! (like now if you live in Oregon like I do).  
Usually, this time of year a lot of people approach me for voting recommendations. I mostly have 2 right now. Bernie Sanders for President and Sarah Iannarone for Portland Mayor. If you know me I don't think you'll find either of these picks surprising. Please vote - and then, take the often equally important step of encouraging your friends to vote. Sometimes this means asking them if they voted or not. Here, practice with me. "Did you vote?"  Say it out loud. Good, thank you! 
My Candidates
I'd love to hear from you.  How's life treating you?  Learning anything new these days? I had a visit with a friend yesterday who told me all about the fascinating world of storm water management. What are you focused on?

I hope this Spring is finding you growing and learning and celebrating this magnificent life and time we're all sharing.

Much love,

doing Asanas with my new friend and neighbor, Jenner