Happy birthday, RDI TM   desalination system! This week we're celebrating 10 years since the design of the very first RDI super capacitor! It started with a simple goal: to develop a better-faster-cheaper water desalination technology. Fast-forward 10 years, we're thrilled that this groundbreaking technology is now helping to save money and tens of millions of gallons of water per year and growing every day. We are on the 6th generation of the RDI super capacitor, which includes our latest miniaturized and industrial versions, and have built 516 super capacitors since day 1.

Keep reading to learn more about the new capacitor-based Evapco Water Saver TM system for cooling towers, watch a video featuring one of our happy customers, listen to an interview I enjoyed doing with WaterTalk at WEFTEC this year, and learn how capacitive deionization is reducing the waste produced by reverse osmosis systems.

Happy reading! And as always, please let us know what you think. Happy Thanksgiving!

Patrick Curran
CEO, Atlantis Technologies
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Evapco Launches Water Saver TM
Pre-Treatment System
Congratulations to EVAPCO, Inc. for announcing the Water Saver TM on their website yesterday! We are proud to support our partner on the global launch of this innovative water treatment system. Click the link below to learn more about the Water Saver and how it helps Evapco's customers save water and reduce costs.
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WaterTalk 2018: Interview with Pat Curran
Atlantis Technologies CEO, Patrick Curran, talks with WaterTalk host, Todd Shnick, in New Orleans at WEFTEC18. Listen to learn more about new partnerships and the advantages of collaboration in the marketplace; how RDI saves money for customers by treating feedwater to cooling towers; reducing hauling costs for RO reject removal; and the future for water quality and our industry.
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Saving Money, Reducing Brine Waste in Corona
Panrosa Enterprises, manufacturer of toiletries and household cleaning products, uses reverse osmosis to produce the clean water used in their products. The leftover brine from the RO process, however, requires costly hauling for disposal. Now they’re using RDI from Atlantis, reducing the amount of brine and increasing the amount of reusable water, saving money, water, and caring for the environment. See what Coco Hao, mechanical engineer at Panrosa, had to say about it.
Capacitive Deionization for RO Reject
Want to learn how to reduce capex and opex in the RO process? Look no further! Pat Curran answers all your questions on using the RDI technology with reverse osmosis to significantly reduce the salinity of the reject water. Less salinity means more re-usable water and less money spent on hauling.
The award-winning RDI™ Desalination System from Atlantis Technologies uses a supercapacitor to desalinate wastewater for the oil & gas, mining, power, food & beverage, and municipal industries .