December 2018
Home for the holidays
Time after time, we hear that Thrive! provides our Leaders with a sense of community that was previously missing in their lives.

All of us need a home for the holidays — and for the rest of the year, too. Thrive! is proud to provide relationships, support, and guidance for those who are struggling to improve their lives.

Thank you for supporting Thrive! with your time, resources, and talents. You are making a difference and providing our Leaders with a home.

Enjoy the holidays!
Facing new challenges
We often talk about how Thrive! helps Leaders learn to set goals and face new challenges. One Leader, Chloe, has the goal of becoming the first woman in her immediate family to earn a four-year degree and becoming an English teacher. Here's an update on her progress.

Like many teens around mid-August, Chloe awoke, ate breakfast, got dressed, and took the first step in achieving her dream.

Chloe is amazed at what she’s accomplished in 18 weeks at Barton Community College. “I’m achieving in math class! That is not normally a class I do well in. I’m willing to admit that I am not good in math.”

World religion and personal finance were among her other first-semester courses. Pursuing a double major in psychology and English, Chloe found one course particularly interesting: Psychology of a Serial Killer.  

“I took the class as it didn’t require any prerequisites. I’m learning a lot about how our brains work, our mental thought process and mental illness.” Chloe continues, “It’s interesting to understand the early signs of mental illness and what to notice.”

The transition to college life hasn’t been without a few challenges. “Transportation is my biggest challenge since we’ve been without a working vehicle since July. I’m relying on friends to provide a ride or neighbors who let my dad borrow their car.”

Another challenge is time management.
Giving through groceries?!
If you shop regularly at Dillons grocery stores on the west or east side of Manhattan, there is a very easy way to give money to Thrive! with just a few clicks on the store's website. 

If you request the Thrive! organization for the Dillons Community Rewards Program, the store will donate a percentage of your purchases to Thrive! The more supporters choosing Thrive!, the more money is given to Thrive! on a quarterly basis. 

You must renew your support once a year in January. This does not affect any of your other benefits with Dillons, and purchases are tracked electronically.

Instructions :
  1. Go to
  2. Create an account using your email address. If you do not have internet, call 1-800-576-4377 and go to #3 on the recorded menu for help.
  3. Enter your shopper card number or alternate ID# and last name.
  4. On the Account Summary Screen, scroll down to Community Rewards and click “Enroll.”
  5. Fill in your personal information and choose Thrive! for Community Rewards. Click "Save." You should see a note at top of page showing you have signed up. Your grocery receipt will show you are donating to Thrive!

Thank you for considering this easy way to support Thrive! with each trip restock your household!