Aug. 1,

No. 78

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For those of you in DC, join lots of China peeps at the August 8 "Definitive China Happy Hour." This is the third annual event, and it is always a good time. Details below in the newsletter.
Weekly Reading

In typical bureaucrat-ese, the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) issued new rules for websites on what kind of journalism they could host, restricting articles on sensitive topics to those published by official outlets. The language may not be as clear as Western outlets suggest, but the CAC press release indicates companies like Baidu, Netease, Sohu, and Sina will be held responsible for posting any unauthorized stories. This development is ano
ther data point for China's efforts to shape the domestic information environment.
俗语 in Xi Jinping's  Speeches

zài jiē zài lì

Meaning: to persist, make unremitting efforts

On July 27, Xi Jinping hosted a Politburo group study session about deepening defense and military reform. In it he use this chengyu to stress the importance of carrying the reforms forward.

Original: 习近平强调,深化国防和军队改革势头很好,但后续任务依然艰巨繁重。我们要再接再厉,乘势而上,迎难而上,扎扎实实把深化国防和军队改革推向前进。

Video of the Week
On July 13th the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee hosted a hearing with Adm. Denny Blair (USN, ret.) and Kurt Campbell on U.S. policy options in the South China Sea. The recommendations range from stay the course on the rebalance/pivot to take sides on selected territorial disputes (like Scarborough Shoal) to expand quietly Freedom of Navigation exercises. One of the important challenges that these recommendations bring to the forefront is how to reco
ncile a regionally-focused strategy in support of a rules-based order with the kind of relationship with China that keeps positive outcomes open. Will deterring China today encourage cooperation tomorrow?

Hearing begins at 17:25

Denny Blair Testimony [PDF]

Kurt Campbell Testimony [PDF]

Huge DC Happy Hour!
Join us August 8 at 6pm for the Definitive China Happy Hour! This is the third annual event and features a lot of great China-related social groups. What's that? Will there be 白酒? 那还用说?当然会!
Chinese Language Learning Study in Need of Volunteers
The goal of the project is to understand the language abilities of experienced second language learners of Mandarin Chinese.

There are two phases to this study. First, you will be asked to take some short tests (about 15 minutes total time) to check your eligibility for the study. If you are eligible after taking the online tests, we will contact you and arrange for you to come to the language lab at the University of Maryland, College Park to participate in further research involving longer tests using EEG (a cap that reads neural activity) and computer administered tests. Participation in that research would take between 2 and 3 hours, and you would be compensated with $16.00 per hour.  There is no compensation for taking the online tests.

Participation in both phases is confidential and completely voluntary. This research is restricted to right-handed, native speakers of English between the ages of 18 and 50.

If you are interested, please go to the following website to take the online tests:
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