Rabbi Laurie Franklin
March 15, 2019      8 Adar 5779
Har Shalom Weakly: Purim E-dishin' 
"We make up the news, so you don't snooze"
Pro-Semitic Leaflets in Missoula Neighborhoods
Residents of Missoula have reported random incidents of positive, pluralistic leafleting. Several neighborhoods have been leafleted with fliers that say "I love Jews" and show an image of a smiling face with arms reaching out for a hug!
Rabbi Search Recommends Parakeet as Best Candidate
Rabbi Faygele

  Vote Set for April Fool's Day
With thirteen applicants for the position of Har Shalom rabbi, the process of discerning which one is best for our community is a big challenge. Fortunately, the rabbi search committee has been able to arrive at a recommendation: The 12th candidate, a domestic parakeet, is much cuter and sweeter than all the other candidates and much less expensive. Please come to affirm the committee's choice on April 1.
UM and Missoula Schools Close for Purim
UM Dean of Students and Superintendent of the Missoula County Public Schools issued a joint statement declaring the closing of these august Missoula institutions for Purim. "It's been a long time coming", said a UM Hillel spokesperson. "We are so glad to be able to full-on party for Purim and sleep in the next day. It's a landmark decision for religious and cultural pluralism".
Torah Trowels: Dig Deep for Meaning
The Ba'al Shem Tov, great rabbi and founder of the Hassidic movement, teaches that we can perform mundane tasks and simultaneously remain focused on and connected with the Holy One of Blessings. Now, it's even easier with "Torah Trowels", a tool that helps gardeners stay in holy connection while planting spring seedlings. Each trowel is etched with the phrase from Isaiah, "The whole world is filled with Her Glory", so that each time the trowel is withdrawn from a planter or garden soil, this powerful revelation occurs once again. On sale soon at Ace, just in time for Spring 2019.
This Week's Luach
Friday 3/15       Hebrew Club                                                              5:30 pm
                              Kabbalat Shabbat/Ma'ariv with R. Laurie            7 pm
Saturday 3/16  Torah study with Hebrew                                            9 am
                              Torah Study: Parashat Vayikra               10 am to noon
                              Purim Party and Potluck                                      6 to 9 pm
Monday 3/18    Becoming Jewish (closed class)          9:30 to 11:30 am
                              Beit Midrash: More Purim!                                          6 pm
Tuesday 3/19  Jewish Meditation                                                      8:30 am
                             Pastoral Appointments                                           1 to 6 pm
Wednesday 3/20       Pastoral Appointments                               1 to 6 pm
                              Jewish Reading Group                                           7 to 9 pm

Coming Up: Fourth Friday for All /Friday March 22, 5:30 to 8 pm
                         Bingo with Marc /Sunday March 31, 6 to 8 pm


Har Shalom Weekly News

Hebrew Torah Study on Saturdaytorahstudy

Do you think you might enjoy gaining insight into Torah through its Hebrew aspects? If so, come learn on Saturday at 9 am , as we venture into the parsha with an eye for the added meaning that the original Hebrew gives us. No Hebrew literacy is necessary to appreciate these sessions!

SATURDAY MARCH 16, 6 to 9 pm: 
Our P-P-Purim-tastic Potluck Party!purimparty

Homemade Hamantaschen galore, Purim Megillah Play,
Chutzpah! Klezmer Band, Dancing, 
Magician, Costume Parade

A special treat for anyone in costume!
This year, we are preparing 24 small gift bags for the Watson Children's Center. In addition to juice boxes and our home-baked Hamantaschen, and we are collecting small gift items for each child's bag, such as small-scale arts and crafts materials, school supplies, or small toys. Please bring donations to the Purim party. We'll decorate and assemble the gift bags at the party.

We need some Purim Party helpers to set up and take down.
For more information and to volunteer, contact Maeta maetak.danw@gmail.com.

Beit Midrash does MORE Purim!
This Monday 3/18, we will explore Purim, the most joyous of holidays. Last week, we read the megillah and discussed. This week, we'll examine the Talmudic teaching, "Ad d'lo yada, "until you can't tell the difference between 'cursed is Haman' and 'blessed is Mordechai'. Please come at 6 pm for homemade soup, salad, and sundries, and at 6:45 pm for learning. All are welcome!

Many Thanks to Pat Cohen: 
New Membership Chair Needed!

Har Shalom Board member Pat Cohen is stepping down as Membership Chair. We are exceedingly grateful to her for this extra service she has performed for our community. And now, we ask: Who might like to take up the mantle?  Membership is a good role for someone who likes to meet and interact with current and prospective members, and enjoys being a catalyst for relationship-building. You don't have to be a member of the Har Shalom board fill this role. So, is that you? If so, please get in touch with board at info@  har-shalom.org.


Plan Ahead for Fourth Friday for All!
Please mark your calendar for March 22 at 5:30 pm for our becoming-ever-more-popular "Fourth Friday for All" potluck Shabbat dinner. In cold weather, we meet at each other's homes. Our next Fourth Friday will be at the home of Rabbi Laurie Franklin.

Bingo with Marcbingo

If you like Bingo already or think it might be fun to try, come on Sunday March 31 from 5 to 8 pm to experience the unique Bingo calling of Marc Kline. You can  win prizes, too.  Tickets are 5 for $5.00, one ticket/game. The caller offers variety of games, such as "the 6 pack", "postage stamp" and  "final game black out", in which the lucky winner(s) receive a special gift. Har Shalom supplies coffee, tea, and cookies.

Jewish Reading Groupreadinggroup

We meet once a month on Wednesday evenings to discuss Jewish fiction.  The next meeting will be March 20, from 7 to 9 in the Har Shalom library.  We'll be discussing Amos Oz's  The Panther in the Basement.  The April meeting will take place on the 24th; the book for that month will be  Everything is Illuminated by Jonathan Safran Foer.

Come when you can or come every time; just read the book and be prepared for an enjoyable discussion!  Contact us at  readingjewsmissoula@gmail.com

Jewish Meditationjewishmeditation

Please join with us to share a time of mindfulness, a time to let go of the "to do" list of our busy lives. We begin each meditation by focusing and centering on the breath to ground us and become present. We are currently using simple chants from Rabbi Shefa Gold to join together and come more deeply into sacred presence. As we chant we listen with the ears of our heart to these words and see how they both bless and challenge us. As we take these words as our intention (kavannah), we settle into the silence, to simply be in the presence of Source. 

                       Everyone is welcome! 

New P overello Volunteer Dates:
April 7, and June 2

Join us for an evening starting at 4:45 pm on a Sunday. Please contact  lidarunningcrane@yahoo.com to rsvp. 

Upcoming 3rd Annual Indigenous Film Festival presented by Missoula Urban Indian Film Festival:

Come join for this amazing event Friday and Saturday April 12th and 13th. Go to  https://www.muihc.org/indigenous-film-festival/ to see a complete list of films and festival information. See you there!


*Worship * Torah study * Visiting Leaders & Teachers*
*Saturday Night Jazz Gala * Silent Auction*
*Missoula Jewish History Exhibit & Interpretive Talks*
*Jewish Tradition, Local Food Production, and Food Security*
We are now forming working groups for our MMM Shabbaton, so you may get a call from MMM steering committee member Rebecca Pettit, asking for your help!
We hope you will join the team!

March of the Living for 
Young Adults, 22-25

Important news from Janet Tatz of Helena, MT:     
A new opportunity has just presented itself: The Next  G en pro g ram,  g eared towards those livin g  in small rural Jewish communities (that's us!) is offerin g  a MOTL trip for the 22-35 year-old a g g roup.  This is an opportunity for youn g  adults who may have missed the teen pro g ram and want to explore their herita g e.  Please contact Monise Neumann:   monise@motl.org  if you or someone you know mi g ht be interested in this trip of a lifetime. And yes, non-Jewish spouses and/or si g nificant others are welcome to attend as well.

Summary of Activities at Har Shalom

Updated Feb 12, 2019

Atidaynu, youth education, two Sundays/month according to online calendar
Har Shalom Summer Day Camp, August 2019
Beit Midrash, "House of Learning", Monday evenings, 6 pm
Jewish Meditation, Tuesday mornings 8:30 am
Jewish Reading Group each month on a Wednesday evening,  readingjewsmissoula@gmail.com
Hebrew Club, Fridays 5:30 pm
Torah Study, Saturdays 10 am to noon, except First Saturday at noon.
Torah Study with Hebrew, usually the third Saturday at 9 am
Mishpocha Megillahs, a monthly Saturday night program of sharing our family histories
First Sunday Movie Night at Har Shalom, potluck 5 pm & movie 6 pm
Adult Bnei Mitzvah, by arrangement
Becoming Jewish 

Poverello Center, Family Promise, Missoula Food Bank
School/Church Programs about Judaism, by request

Fridays Kabbalat Shabbat/Ma'ariv except Friday before First Saturday & 4th Friday, 7 pm
First Saturday Torah service, 9:30 am
4th Friday 4 All, a roving family-friendly service, Kiddush and motzi in parks during summer and our homes during winter
All Holidays

Office Hoursofficehours

Rabbi Laurie's Pastoral Hours:  Tuesday and Wednesday, 3/19 and 3/20, 1 to 6 by appointment, and many other times by request. Let's talk!   rabbilaurie@har-shalom.org  .
Office Hours with our Administrator Ari Margo are currently by appointment. You can reach him at  admin@har-shalom.org to set up a time to meet.  

Har Shalom is supported by its members and donors.  Thank you.

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