27 Adar 5780 | March 26 2020
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A Message from Rabbi Laurie
Dear members and friends,

A week has passed since we, the folk of Har Shalom, migrated to online services, learning, and pastoral appointments. Some of us hopped on the bus right away, and others are considering it. Hopefully, the technology will not be a barrier for most. Please let me know if I can help you connect via zoom. The reward is great!
I have personally participated in many, many online meetings—both local and national--in the past week, and many invaluable Jewish resources have become available. All of this activity is motivated by the desire to remain connected, share our inspiration, and continue operating as communities. Everyone in Jewish leadership feels profoundly responsible for keeping us buoyant and advocating for each other.
Locally, our Missoula Interfaith Collaborative Action Network is organizing neighborhood teams to
provide support, neighbor-to-neighbor, and share needs. If you would like to participate, please get in touch with me asap, as teams are now forming.
Please, please, please, let me (and us) know if you need support of any kind: material, spiritual, or just a conversation.

B’ahava (with love),
Rabbi Laurie
(406) 546-9368

Weekly Luach ( see our calendar at har-shalom.org )
Friday 3/27             
  • 4th Friday for All--Light candles, Kiddush and motzi, and a song! Live on zoom.......6 to 6:30 pm 
Saturday 3/28                         
  • Weekly Torah study, Parashat Vayikra: live on zoom.......10 am to noon  

Sunday 3/29                         
  • Atidaynu on zoom, a 1-hr session.......10 am to 11 am 
Monday 3/230                         
  • Beit Midrash Pesach learning: live on zoom.......6:45 to 8 pm           
Tuesday 3/31                         
  • Rabbi Laurie pastoral hours by zoom appointment.......1 to 6 pm
Wednesday 4/1            
  • NEW: Lunch with the Rabbi: live on zoom.......noon to 1 pm
  • Rabbi Laurie pastoral hours by zoom appointment.......1 to 6 pm
Making traditional Sephardic soft matzoh at home:
Demo at Beit Midrash, Monday April 6

Har Shalom VIRTUAL Community Pesach Seder, Thurs., April 9, 5 to 8 pm (more or less)
Virtual seder registration will be available early next week!
Interested in a Passover seder dinner?
We need to hear from you.
We are floating the idea of having our caterer prepare oven ready Passover dinners that will either be delivered or picked up from Har Shalom. Dinners will be prepared for Thursday, April 9th. Let us know if you are interested. Please visit our facebook page and look for our post with a poll. Responses requested by April 3.
Parashat Vayikra
Torah: Leviticus 1:1 - 5:26  Haftarah : Isaiah 43:21 - 44:23
Torah Byte: And He called to him
We open the Book of Leviticus with God’s call to Moses. Moses, exceedingly humble as he records the words of the Holy One, writes the word, “vayikra”, meaning “He called to him”, with a small aleph at the end so that it might be read as “vayikar”, “He happened upon him”. In this way, Moses suggests that God doesn’t really single him out but merely happens upon him.
In this moment of our collective Covid-19 response, we are all that meek aleph, bringing our humble selves to wrestle with the mysteries we face. We can be Moses, Miriam and Aaron to each other, sharing our gifts of insight, intuition, and spirit and collaborating to move forward. Torah tells us that we are a nation of Priests; each of us precious. Together, let us step with strength in this wilderness.

Saturday Torah study at  https://www.zoom.us/j/9546191527  from 10 am to noon.
Virtual events at Har Shalom
4th Friday for all on zoom, 6 to 6:30 pm
Let’s light candles! Sing! Shmooze for a little virtual Kiddush!
Atidaynu (Har Shalom’s Sunday School)

We'll be meeting at 10 a.m. this Sunday, March 29. Please join us via Zoom if you have a child or children ages 3-13! Anyone can register for Atidaynu and be added to the Atidaynu list here: http://har-shalom.org/atidaynu/
Beit Midrash learns about Pesach on Monday

See you in the “zoomiverse” as we do some Pesach learning! Our topic: What is the origin of the seder? I will send study sheets in advance by email to our Beit Midrash list, and they will be available to download that evening, too. Sorry, no virtual soup. Please let me know if you want to be added to the beit midrash email list.
NEW: Wednesday Lunch with the Rabbi
Noon to 1 pm

This week’s gathering was a true pleasure. We introduced ourselves, shared stories and observations about the changes in our daily routines, and expressed preferences for how we might like to use the Wednesday zoom time from now on. So, let’s meet again for an online “lunch”, spend a few moments for check-in, and explore some literature and rabbinic writings that are particularly apt for the present moment. I will both email and post texts as shared Google docs before Wednesday.
Har Shalom VIRTUAL Community Seder on Zoom Thursday April 9
Sign up   after this weekend

No way will we skip our seder; we’re doing it online! Come for all or part. Registration will open early next week. We will send instructions for setting up your seder plate and for other items to have on hand. If you want to make your own Sephardic-style soft matzoh, see the demo at beit midrash on Monday 4/6, beginning at 6:45 pm.
Events of interest in Missoula
Missoula Jewish Reading Group's March event is cancelled
March and April CANCELLED for now
Climate Conversations (held on fourth Tuesdays)
hosted by Faith and Climate Action Montana
MARCH 24:   An Ark for the Anthropocene: Retelling Biblical Narratives for Contemporary Concerns ; led by Nancy Menning; 6-8pm at Har Shalom. Dinner provided.

APRIL 28:   Native Worldviews and Perspectives on Direct Action to Protect Our Planet ;  led by Rosalyn LaPier; 6-8pm at Atonement Lutheran. Dinner provided.

MAY 26:   In Praise of Trees: Allies and Witnesses ; led by Gary Hawk; 6-8pm at University Congregational Church. Dinner provided.
Childcare is available if requested in advance. Send questions and inquiries to faithandclimateactionmt@gmail.com . More info and updates are at  http://tiny.cc/xgi9hz
Ongoing at Har Shalom
Atidaynu , youth education, two Sundays/month; see online calendar
Har Shalom Summer Day Camp , August
Beit Midrash , "House of Learning", Monday evenings, 6 pm
Jewish Meditation , Tuesday mornings 8:30 am
Hebrew Club , Fridays 5:30 pm
Torah Study , Saturdays 10 am to noon, except First Saturday at noon.
Torah Study with Hebrew , usually the third Saturday at 9 am
Mishpocha Megillahs , a Saturday night program of sharing our family histories
Second Wednesdays Movie Night at Har Shalom , potluck 6 pm, movie 7 pm
Adult Bnei Mitzvah , by arrangement
Becoming Jewish  
Poverello Center, Family Promise, Missoula Food Bank
School/Church Programs about Judaism, by request

• Fridays Kabbalat Shabbat/Ma'ariv except Friday before First Saturday & 4th Friday, 7pm
• First Saturday Torah service, 9:30 am
• All Holidays
Office Hours

Pastoral hours:   Please call Rabbi Laurie directly at (406) 546-9368 or email her at  rabbilaurie@har-shalom.org  if you would like to be in touch. She will meet people via zoom or phone  by appointment  on Tuesday & Wednesday afternoons and at other times, as needed.
Administrator office hours:  Meet with our administrator, Ari Margo, by appointment. Contact him at  admin@har-shalom.org  to set up an appointment. 
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