It sometimes seems inconceivable, but it has actually been two years since Harbin burned. For many of us who have remained here and dedicated to doing the work of Harbin’s return, that time most often seems to have rushed by in a frenzied blur of multi-faceted activity. Perhaps that’s what happens when one becomes as deeply immersed in a project as we have been with Harbin’s cleanup, rebuild, reforestation, and reopening. On the other hand, for you and most of our guests, these two years might have felt like forever. “Harbin is STILL closed? I miss the WATER!” We understand those feelings. And that’s why we send you these updates: to remind you that we’re here and working passionately to reopen; to let you know about our process and progress; and hopefully to keep you and all our Harbin family engaged, supportive, and encouraged.
In this newsletter: Rebuilding Notes , a mighty frog story, a profile of Managing Director Eric Richardson , and a brief Tree Campaign Update .
Rebuild Notes

Our progress toward reopening continues moving forward. Please click here for all of this month’s rebuilding news.
This Frog Held Up A Bridge!

We weren’t aware that our amphibious neighbors, foothill yellow-legged frogs, were living under our temporary bridge, or that they are a protected species. Though small, these colorful caecilians were able to delay a critical bridge replacement project. Special thanks to the Lake County planners (and the frogs) for being amenable to having a team of biologists capture and relocate them to another part of the creek, and for beginning to build a new bridge over the water.
Meet The Managers

Just as there are many different experiences available to visitors who spend time at Harbin, so too is there a wide range of experience and focus among those who are its managers. Click here to learn more about MD Eric Richardson, whose special interest is the social aspects of Harbin.
Tree Campaign Update
Since August, we’ve been asking you to help with Harbin’s multi-phase reforestation program. So many of you already have given one-time donations, bought T-shirts, and committed to making monthly contributions. With nearly $75,000 raised to date, we are, together, making great progress in replacing Harbin’s destroyed forests and shade trees. Thank You! And, we still do need your help. Please take a moment to click here to learn the details of this important and environmentally vital part of Harbin’s return.
We know it has been a long time: two years with no soaking, sunning, socializing, or relaxing in the shade by the creek. We know you’ve missed Harbin. We miss it too – and we miss having you here! As ever, please know that we are SO grateful for your ongoing interest, and that we continue to be on schedule for our early 2018 opening. Click here to see our current photo gallery, and as we get closer to opening and determine a specific date, many more details will follow.
With love,
The Managing Directors
Harbin Hot Springs, P.O. Box 782, Middletown, CA 95461