APRIL 2015 - In This Issue:

Upcoming Classes

(All classes are 50 hours unless noted) 
April 19-24
Healing Support for
Common Conditions 
- Julia Bystrova
April 24-26
Basic Watsu ®

- Davida Taurek 16.5hr


April 26-May 1 
Craniosacral Balancing 1
- Keesha Standley


May 3-8  
Deep Tissue 1
- Ed Lark 


May 10-15  
Shiatsu 1
- Shinzo Fujimaki 


May 29-31  
Clinical Ai Chi E.A.S.Y.
- Shinzo Fujimaki 16.5hr

May 31-June 5 
Shiatsu 2
- Shinzo Fujimaki


Jun 05-07   
Foundations of Touch 16.5hr

Jun 07-12   
Thai Massage 1

Jun 14-19   
Watsu ® 1

Jun 21-26   
Watsu ® 2

Jun 28-J3
Waterdance TM 1

Jul 05-10   
Waterdance TM 2

July 10-12   
Compassionate Communication 16.5hr

July 13-23   
Massage Intensive 100hr

July 19-24   
Watsu ® 3

July 26-29   
Massage Boosters

Aug 02-07  
Anatomy Body Systems

Aug 02-07   
Healing Dance ® 2

Aug 09-14   
Anatomy Bones & Muscles

Aug 09-14   
Above and Below

Aug 16-19   
Kinesiology 25hr

Aug 20-23   
Lomi Lomi 25hr

Aug 23-28   
Watsu ® 3 Adaptive

Aug 23-28   
Call to Presence

Aug 30-S4   
Sacred Breath/Sacred Body

Aug 30-S4   

.....and more
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Check out some of our new Continuing Education (CE) courses!

Classes are 50 hours unless noted. 


Basic Watsu

April 24-26 (16.5 hr)

This class has been revived to give anyone interested in aquatic healing a taste of the Watsu experience and provide a solid foundation for further Watsu study.

Foundations of Touch

June 5-7 & Oct 23-25  (16.5 hr)

This three day course will introduce you to a broad, hands-on overview of the body's relationship to touch, helping to build a foundation from which to pursue any style of bodywork.

Compassionate Communication

June 10-12  (16.5 hr)

Learn how to deal with challenging client situations in your practice, with empathy and grace. This class will explore real, everyday scenarios through role-play and practical processes.

Massage Boosters

July 26-29 (25 hr)

This powerful three day class will help you expand your skills, refine your technique, deepen your presence, care for yourself and bring your work to the next level.

Healing Dance - Above & Below

Aug 9-14 

Above & Below takes Watsu's basic moves underwater and extends this idea to the whole session, introducing a variety of takedown moves from the repertoire of the Healing Dance.

Call to Presence 

Aug 23-28

Sacred Breath, Sacred Body 
Aug 30-Sep 4

Transformational Practices Sep 6-11

Using body based inquiry, breath-work, meditation, guided visualization, contemplative communication, art, movement and journaling, we will deepen awareness of presence as the foundation for work on ourselves and each other.

Sacred Shapes

Sep 25-27 (16.5 hr)
In this weekend workshop we will come to understand our personal relation to ancient symbols and how, translated into the three-dimensional kinetic movement shapes of aquatic bodywork, they can serve as doorways to healing.



Sep 27-Oct 3 

Aquanatomy gives a dynamic "hands on", interactive approach on the anatomy, physiology and kinesiology essential to aquatic bodywork, both above and below the water.






Baechtel Creek Inn, one of the best-kept secrets of Mendocino County, is hiring massage therapists right now, and they LOVE Harbin-trained bodyworkers!  So says Jan Rodriguez, a manager at the spa:
"Thank you!  Love your school - every therapist we have ever gotten from there is wonderful!"

Willits, CA (Mendocino Co.)
Attn: Jan Rodriguez


Find Touch
Community Job Listings
Massage Therapist
Santana Row, San Jose, CA
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El Segundo, CA
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Licensed Massage Therapists 
Valencia, CA


Harbin Hot Springs Residency Program!

Harbin Hot Springs is seeking friendly, hard-working community minded individuals to join our residency program and eclectic community. If you love Harbin and want to help support the vision and growth of our nearly 12,000 acres of spiritual retreat center we would like to connect with you.  For more information or for an application, visit Harbin's employment page:



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School Staff:

Director: Inika Spence

Registrar: Shane Powers

Receptionist: Chantal Contant

Receptionist: Crystal Theoret 




Shane Powers  
- Registrar of Harbin School of Healing Arts 
(Inika, the school Director, is teaching Healing Dance this week, so we thought we'd give her a break from pouring her wisdom into this newsletter, and allow it to flow from her to her students.)

"The world is full of miracles within miracles. And the best miracle of all is that we get to participate in them all!"

 - Harbin minister Ann Prehn:   


With a busy, early spring having sprung around us, the miracles of nature have been teaching me so much about...  well, everything!

Usually, the best lessons I've found in life have come from nature - from Mother Earth.  Over the past few years of wandering around Harbin and the Oneness Institute, I've learned so much about the simplicity amongst all the complexity.  Nature challenges my concept of what is living and what is dying.  She teaches me about balance.  She reminds me to go slowly, and to have patience.  She teaches me about perspective every time I lie on the ground and discover an entire otherworld of plants, insects and interactions beyond my comprehension.

One grandmother oak in the middle of the Oneness Institute valley I visit often, marveling at the thousands of ants traveling across her body, endlessly.  She towers over large branches scattered around her base, some that were shed years, probably decades ago.  One of those branches is smooth, quite large and rests like a banana on its back, its two ends reaching toward the sky.  A still-living branch hangs down from the tree and barely touches one end of that grounded branch.  Once while sitting on that downed limb, I watched an ant climb up the limb from the ground, make its way to the very highest tip, where another ant had worked its way across that entire world-tree and to the end of the branch hanging down.  A gentle breeze moved that living branch so that its tip rested against the tip of the downed branch, where, for just a second, those ants stopped and met each other, communicated in a language I'd like to think humans once knew, and then resumed their journeys and traded worlds - one from below to above, the other from above to below.

We are flowing along a probably endless journey, and this "world" we inhabit is probably just a tree, in a valley, on a continent, on a planet, in a universe within another we haven't even discovered yet.  Let's all keep moving and keep learning - just when we think we've reached the end, another miracle awaits.


Shane Powers  

- School Registrar  


PATHOLOGY - Healing Support  
for Common Conditions
April 19-24 
Meet our teacher: Julia Bystrova   

From Julia:
"My wider background to the alternative healing profession includes the in-depth study of the relationship between science and spirituality. I conduct groups and events with this as the theme. Health is one of the ideal subjects that lies in the overlapping space between science and spirituality. My education involved the development of a curriculum that looked deeply at the pursuits of both science and spirituality and facilitated a philosophical dialogue between them.
      My understanding of healing is well grounded in the science of the body. Yet, I have come to find the more ineffable nature of healing and how that relates to a person's beliefs and attitudes. What is really possible in this realm we are only beginning to scratch the surface. Real healing is supporting a shift in the consciousness of the person. I continue to research the nature of the mind-body relationship."

Student Feedback:
"I love Julia and her style.  Very knowledgeable and engaging." H. W. F.

"Julia has excellent knowledge, and she cares about her students."  P. R.

Pathology makes up a significant portion of the newly state-required exam for California certification.  This class also meets the Pathology requirement for national board certification by NCBTMB.

Shinzo is Coming!!  Shinzo is Coming!! 

Enroll in any two of Shinzo's 
May classes to receive
20% OFF
1 SHIATSU class. *
Shinzo Fujimaki is one of the most respected and sought after shiatsu masters in the world today, not only for his deep knowledge of this ancient art, but also for his intuitive ability as a healer. Through decades of clinical practice in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shinzo developed the modern modalities of Shiatsu Yoga™ and Clinical Ai Chi, E.A.S.Y.™ When it comes to the art and science of shiatsu, Shinzo is quite simply a guru among gurus. 
*Register & pay in full for both classes prior to start of first class to receive discount.Contact the school for details.

Clinical Ai Chi E.A.S.Y. is a great way to get a quick review of basic Shiatsu principles!  The class presents 15-20 pressure points, 5-Element Theory, the meridians system, and more.  Whether you took Shiatsu 1 years ago or more recently, it's a beautiful way to not only review before Shiatsu 2, but learn some very effective land or water-based self care. Take advantage of a 20% DISCOUNT on Shiatsu 2 when you register for Clinical Ai Chi.  

Shiatsu 1: May 10-15 
Students are introduced to the Japanese art of healing touch, Shiatsu. This course presents the main theory of Yin and Oriental philosophy through Aikido, Yoga, and Do-In along with the techniques of Shiatsu necessary for the effective practice of massage.  
Clinical Ai Chi - E.A.S.Y.: May 29-31
E.A.S.Y.™ is an expansion on the practice of Shiatsu Yoga which Master Shinzo created in collaboration with Minakshi.  It combines the postures and movements of Shiatsu with the therapeutic benefits of a warm pool to enhance the flow of energy through the body's meridians, hence the name: Energetic Aquatic Shiatsu Yoga.™  

Shiatsu 2 : May 31-June 5
In this course students are focused on the supine position of Shiatsu. At the end of the week we review whole body treatment. Up to an hour and half of detailed Oriental theory including the 5 elements, Jitsu (excess) and Kyo (deficient) is taught at the beginning of each session to learn the basic understanding of diagnosis.
by Jim Gilkeson

When Less is More 
- Part 2  
"It was a wonderful session!  
You knew exactly what not to do."
- Beverly Kune

Veterinarian Hands
In therapeutic work, regardless of what style or modality you practice, when you get the subconscious cooperation of your treatment partner by creating a mindful, compassionate interface through your touch and presence, you are aligning yourself with the person's deep inner wisdom. If you don't have that alignment and cooperation, the whole undertaking suffers. When this all-important connection with your partner's deeper self is reached, you will likely find her falling into trust under your hands, like a horse that instinctively relaxes under the hands of a practiced veterinarian. 

When you meet your partner with "veterinarian hands," it sends a signal to the wisdom deep within her that you are trustworthy, and willing to accompany her into places in her body and psyche that are wounded and fragile. Her inner wisdom will become active in some way, now that someone is actually following what's going on, perhaps providing the next tiny movement in her body, the emergence of a critical hidden memory, the connection of crucial dots of insight in her mind, the resolution of some unfinished business or the tipping point into needed emotional release. Whatever the manifestation, follow and support it, listening deeply as you go.    

(parts excerpted from A Pilgrim in Your Body: Energy Healing and Spiritual Process, by Jim Gilkeson)
Jim Gilkeson, BA, CMT, CST is a creative bodywork therapist, teacher of energy healing and the author of: "Energy Healing: A Pathway to Inner Growth" and "A Pilgrim in Your Body: Energy Healing and Spiritual Process".  Jim taught Craniosacral 1, 2 and 3 at the School of Shiatsu & Massage for over seven years and is back by student request to teach Craniosacral 3.
Shiatsu and the Art of Truckdriving
You never know who you may meet simply walking to lunch from the school office on any given day.  Inika met a couple on the Village Path recently who had a wonderful love story that involved Harbin and the School...

       During a particularly rainy March and April in 2005, Jaime and Cory were both enjoying weeks-long stays at Harbin when they first met in the Fern Kitchen on April 2.  Over the next few weeks, they kept running into each other and talking, becoming friends.  After 6 weeks of slowly-deepening friendship, Cory found Jaime in the parking lot preparing to leave Harbin, and he stopped to say goodbye.  They ended up going to Stonefront and talking until late that night.  Talking turned to kissing, and kissing turned to cuddling and more talking, which lasted until morning.  


Jaime and Cory left Harbin together the next day, and have been together ever since.


     They worked for the following year as Residents of Harbin's sister hot springs retreat in Sierraville, California, and married a year after they met.  After marriage, they started their own independent trucking service, and traveled as a team all over the U.S. and Canada.  They both agreed that every one of the hundreds of places they visited was interesting in its own way - except for Gary, Indiana.
     From 2009 to 2011, having given up their trucking business, Cory and Jamie spent a lot more time at Harbin, mostly while taking Shiatsu, Watsu and other massage classes at the former School of Shiatsu and Massage.  Though neither of them practices massage to this day, Jaime lectures on Shiatsu, Reflexology and Watsu techniques to undergrad public health students as a teaching assistant for Complementary & Alternative Medicine classes at UC Irvine.  She's currently working on a Ph.D. in Public Health, where she hopes to continue preaching the benefits of alternative health practices such as massage and Watsu.  When she's done, Cory will pursue training toward a certificate in clinical laboratory science, in the realm of Pathology.
     They both miss being on the open road, but disagree slightly regarding how much.  Cory likes to have a "home base" to return to from time to time, but Jamie feels she could just keep driving indefinitely.  For now, they're happy to spend as much time at Harbin as possible, and plan to audit the Watsu 1 class in June.


April 2 was their 10-year anniversary. 
Happy Anniversary, Jaime & Cory!

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