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2016 Schedule Coming Soon!

JUL 26-29

Massage Boosters

25 hr | Andrew Yavelow


AUG 2-7

Healing Dance 2

50 hr | Inika Spence


AUG 2-7

Anatomy Body Systems

50 hr | Julia Bystrova


AUG 9-14

Healing Dance - Above and Below

50 hr | Inika Spence


AUG 9-14

Anatomy Bones & Muscles

50 hr | Ed Lark


AUG 16-19


25 hr | Dr. Mark Olson


AUG 20-23

Lomi Lomi

25 hr | Dr. Mark Olson


AUG 23-28

Watsu 3 Adapted

50 hr | Cameron West


SEP 6-11

Adv. Therapeutic Massage

50 hr | Carlisle Douglas


SEP 6-11

Waterdance 3

50 hr | Shantam


SEP 13-18

Shiatsu 1

50 hr | Shinzo Fujimaki


SEP 20-25

Shiatsu 2

50 hr | Shinzo Fujimaki


SEP 25-27

Sacred Shapes

16.5 hr | Alexander George


SEP 27-OCT 2


50 hr | Alexander George


SEP 27-OCT 2

Shiatsu 3

50 hr | Shinzo Fujimaki


OCT 4-9

Craniosacral Balancing 1

50 hr | Keesha Standley


OCT 11-16

Craniosacral Balancing 2

50 hr | Keesha Standley


OCT 18-23

Craniosacral Balancing 3

50 hr | Jim Gilkeson


OCT 18-20


16.5 hr | Carlisle Douglas


OCT 20-22

Essential Business Skills

16.5 hr | Carlisle Douglas


OCT 23-25

Foundations of Touch

16.5 hr | Alaya Babineau


OCT 25-30

Deep Tissue 1

50 hr | Ed Lark


NOV 1-6

Deep Tissue 2

50 hr | Ed Lark


NOV 8-13


50 hr | Julia Bystrova


NOV 9-19

Massage Intensive

100 hr | Keesha Standley


NOV 30-D1

MBLEX Prep Class

16.5 hr | TBA


DEC 06-11

Watsu 1

50 hr | Cameron West 




Check out some of our new Continuing Education (CE) courses!

Massage Boosters
This powerful three day class will help you expand your skills, refine your technique, deepen your presence, care for yourself and bring your work to the next level.

Healing Dance - Above & Below
Above & Below takes Watsu's basic moves underwater and extends this idea to the whole session, introducing a variety of takedown moves from the repertoire of the Healing Dance.

Sacred Shapes
In this weekend workshop we will come to understand our personal relation to ancient symbols and how, translated into the three-dimensional kinetic movement shapes of aquatic bodywork, they can serve as doorways to healing.

Aquanatomy gives a dynamic "hands on", interactive approach on the anatomy, physiology and kinesiology essential to aquatic bodywork, both above and below the water.

Foundations of Touch
This three day course will introduce you to a broad, hands-on overview of the body's relationship to touch, helping to build a foundation from which to pursue any style of bodywork.

MBLEX Prep Class
Call for details.
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more information:




December 15-17, 2015

Oneness Institute at Harbin Hot Springs 


Come celebrate Harold, the creator of Watsu® becoming an octogenarian. Harold's contribution to aquatic bodywork around the world is profound. He created Watsu® and had the foresight to teach, create a registry and the Worldwide Aquatic Bodywork Association. He has worked tirelessly on spreading the love of aquatic bodywork and Watsu® around the world. Come celebrate him.

There will be demonstrations of new modalities, time to exchange sessions with instructors and students, Harold will lead us in the Flower Round and culminate in a gratitude circle. Some demos by Mary Seamster (Amnion®), Cameron West (Aquatic Integration), Shantam (Fluid Presence) and maybe some surprises!

Join students, instructors and creators for 3 days of water play, sharing circles and hanging out with Harold.

Price is $200 for 2 nights lodging (either camping or dorm space), full access to Harbin Hot Springs and catered meals.

RSVP and Register with Harbin School of Healing Arts 707 987-3801.

Please pay before celebration.




 - Save the Date!

February 27-28, 2016

Oneness Institute at Harbin Hot Springs 


Get ready for the first ever Harbin School of Healing Arts ALUMNI WEEKEND!  This event will be full of demonstrations and practice in many different land and aquatic bodywork modalities.  You'll get to know many of the school's instructors, learn about new techniques, and share knowledge from your own experience.  And you'll get to connect with friends and colleagues in a beautiful setting.


More details will be coming soon.  We'll update you all as plans progress.





One of the best-kept secrets of Mendocino County, is hiring massage therapists right now, and they LOVE Harbin-trained bodyworkers! So says Jan Rodriguez, a manager at the spa:  "Thank you! Love your school - every therapist we have ever gotten from there is wonderful!"

Contact: Baechtel Creek Inn

Willits, CA (Mendocino Co.)

Attn: Jan Rodriguez





Massage Therapist


Massage and yoga Studio

San Francisco

Massage Therapist

San Rafael

Luxury Day Spa Seeking Massage Therapists!

Los Angeles, CA

Massage Therapist Owned and Operated Clinic Seeks Massage Therapist

San Francisco

Workplace Massage:

El Segundo, CA

Massage Therapists Needed for New Day Spa


Massage Therapist

San Rafael

Upscale Presidio Skincare and Massage Studio needs Talented Technicians

San Francisco

Luxury Day Spa Seeking Massage Therapists!

Hollywood, CA

CMT for Part-time


Licensed Massage Therapist:

West Sacramento



Harbin Hot Springs is seeking friendly, hard-working community minded individuals to join our residency program and eclectic community. If you love Harbin and want to help support the vision and growth of our nearly 12,000 acres of spiritual retreat center we would like to connect with you.  For more information or for an application, visit Harbin's employment page: 





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School Staff:


Director: Inika Spence

Registrar: Shane Powers

Receptionist: Chantal Contant 

Assistant: Crystal Theoret


Inika Spence, Director of Harbin School of Healing Arts


Inika Spence Hello friends!


Summer is here and the hills are turning their famous golden brown.  


The birthing process for the Harbin School of Healing Arts has been both easy and at times a difficult birth. The classes are flourishing with many of you attending. Behind the scenes we have been dotting i's and crossing t's for the state approval process that CAMTC is putting all California massage schools through. April was especially challenging in that respect. I'm not sure I signed on for so much paper shuffling!


As the temperature rises with summer our water classes are especially inviting. I remember my first water classes 20 years ago were held in the Conference Center. At 6:30 AM we were in the Warm Pool for the first session of the day. If you have not been here the Warm Pool is Harbin's main soaking pool located in the heart of Harbin Hot Springs. It was magical at that time of the day under the fig tree. With the sun rising on the misty water, it felt a bit surreal and timeless. On Thursdays we would take all our belongings out of the Conference Center for the night because the Harbin-wide Unconditional Dance was happening and it was just as happening then as it is now. It felt so good to dance wildly, stomping the ground, after being in water for days.


Back then, none of the pools were ideal for learning and giving aquatic bodywork: too small, too deep, too shallow, but somehow we made it work because we had so much love and passion for the work. Now we have a wonderful pool at the Domes to hold our classes:  just the right depth and space.


Those were the days - but so are these!

Healing Dance 2 Photo

Healing Dance 2 

August 2-7 

50 hours with Instructor:

Inika Sati Spence

 Healing Dance 2 asks the question, "How do we earn trust and gain access to the body at the beginning of a session?" The answer it provides lies in the trance-inducing Back Waves and in our quality of touch. In this training we continue the study of spatial mandalas beyond the waves of Healing Dance I into the spiral, the eight and the spiral eight.
"The loving, clear, wise instruction and the space that Inika and assistants held embraced us all.  Loved that the class began with head support!  Thank you!" - P. O.

Learn More...


Healing Dance Above and Below Photo Healing Dance - Above & Below

August 9-14

50 hours with Instructor:
Inika Sati Spence

Bring the principles of Healing Dance® into the underwater experience. Maintaining flow above and below the surface is integral; the material explores how to smooth out the moment of submerging and surfacing. When rhythm, movement shape and body position are pre-set at the surface, the receiver experiences a less radical change at the moment of submerging. Learn more... 

Mark Olson - Lomi Lomi Lomi Lomi

August 20-23

25 hours with Instructor:
Mark Olson, Ph.D.

 Lomilomi is a Polynesian style of massage that uses long, broad strokes with the forearms and elbows in a fluid manner. The long strokes glide over the lines that typically divide the body, creating a more integrative experience than is often encountered in a Swedish-style massage. Learn More...


Core Class Photo "Core Sequence" Classes:

Massage Intensive / Anatomy Body Systems / Anatomy Bones & Muscles / Kinesiology / Ethics / Business / Pathology

The Massage Intensive typically kicks off another sequence of the classes necessary to complete our 258 hr Massage Practitioner and 558 hr Massage Therapist programs, and that class is going on as you read this email.  If you've wanted to pursue completion of a training program, don't fret - you haven't missed the boat!  You can take other Core and Elective classes for these programs coming up over the next few months, and finish with the Massage Intensive Nov. 9-19.  Completion of our 558 hr Massage Therapist Training Program would give you enough eligible hours to apply to be a California Certified Massage Therapist by December!


From Anatomy Bones & Muscles (Ed Lark)

"What an amazing and excellent fellow to learn from!  Wonderful intellect and sense of humor.  Loved his great books and expertise!" -  D. M.

From Anatomy Body Systems (Mark Olson)

"Mark made the class really interesting and fun.  The games really worked for me, as well as connecting the info to real life situations." - Anonymous

Call our office at 707-987-3801 or email us for more information on getting started with your bodywork career!


May and June were full of Fire, Water and Change!

Fire and Water Heart Image Shiatsu 1 & 2, and
Clinical Ai Chi E.A.S.Y.
Instructor: Shinzo Fujimaki  
Shinzo brought the fire of health and knowledge to three classes in May, and the results were amazing, as usual. 
Student Feedback:
"I was feeling lost regarding my next path in massage - this class helped me figure out that I want to know everything about Shiatsu.  I loved the flow of the class and lessons.  Such wonderful energy that I can't wait to share with my loved ones." -  S. S.
"Shinzo is a wonderful, well-rounded teacher, and teaches from the inside out." -  R. B.
Register early for Shiatsu 1, 2 & 3 coming up in September!

Foundations of Touch Image
Foundations of Touch
Instructor: Alaya Babineau
Alaya brought to the school a very versatile new class offering deep clarity and insight into any approach to healing touch. Students with various backgrounds and experience and intentions found new paths to healing connection, whether seeking conscious touch with loved ones, curious about a career in massage, or as practitioners looking for a deeper approach for their clients. 
Student Feedback:
"I was greatly impressed with the depth of knowledge and experience of Alaya and her class." J. M.
"Alaya had great energy and a true passion for her work.  It really comes through her!"-  C. R.
Register early for Foundations of Touch coming up in October!


Thai Massage with Bhaskar Banerji Thai Massage 1
Instructor: Bhaskar Banerji  
The School is thrilled to have the beautiful and popular healing art of Thai Massage back in its midst.  Bhaskar Banerji has proved to be a wonderful addition to our roster of healing teachers, and we are looking to offer a Thai Massage 2 class as soon as possible. 
Student Feedback:
"Bhaskar has an amazing teaching style.  He is so grounded and connected....He is by far the best teacher I have ever had.  He was a wonderful and unexpected gift." -  A.M.
"Best teacher ever!  Not only knowledgeable, but spiritually inspiring, loving, and just all-around amazing." - M.N.

by Jim Gilkeson Jim Gilkeson
When Less is More  -
The Art of Holding Back
- Part 3
The Approach to Trauma
The "Less is More" principle is especially important where there is trauma. Going into a guarded place in your partner's body means also going into a guarded place in her psyche. Subconscious cooperation has to be earned. You have to be authentic in your desire to be present without imposing an agenda. If you are working to be gentle and non-invasive, and this doesn't truly extend to the attitude you carry, you'll be found out. The guarded psyche in your partner will pick up on this.

Healing Hands Energy Often, it gets back to your deeply held beliefs about what you are doing. If there is a hint of the kind of attitude that has to spring into action like a religious zealot in a barroom, roll up its sleeves, spit in its hands and proclaim, "Okay, we're gonna whip you into shape in no time!" this can cause more sensitive and tender processes to go hide behind the moon. This kind of "fixing" attitude that some healers adopt, even though they might have no active agenda about it, will be detected and reacted to, and can cause a shutdown of the process, at least temporarily.

Alternatively, when you offer deep listening presence, your simplest therapeutic activities can have beautiful results. Your skilled touch becomes an arena in which the "work" is performed, not by you, and not by the surface consciousness of your treatment partner, but by forces much closer to the Creative Source residing within each of you.
by Jim Gilkeson
(parts excerpted from A Pilgrim in Your Body: Energy Healing and Spiritual Process, by Jim Gilkeson).
Jim Gilkeson, BA, CMT, CST is a creative bodywork therapist, teacher of energy healing and the author of: "Energy Healing: A Pathway to Inner Growth" and "A Pilgrim in Your Body: Energy Healing and Spiritual Process".  Jim taught Craniosacral 1, 2 and 3 at the School of Shiatsu & Massage for over seven years and is back by student request to teach Craniosacral 3.
SUMMER 2015 -
We're very proud of our students, some who have been taking classes at the school since the mid-1970s, and who come from all walks of life, locations around the world, and have used their knowledge to heal in so many different ways. We will be featuring one student each time we send a newsletter.  This month, we would like to introduce you to:
Laurie Loving, MSW:

From Laurie

 I visited Harbin for fifteen years and somehow never had a Watsu. One day I saw a practitioner in session in the warm pool, someone I had seen all those years. Her face looked like how I had felt after a week fasting in silence on Mt. Shasta. I suddenly knew Watsu would bring me to that place as well, while also serving the people in my arms.


Pool Image My Watsu training began in 1999 when I took Watsu 1 with Steve Carter at his home with just one other student over several weekends, an easy way to break into the training.  Watsu 2 & 3, Waterdance 1, Jahara Basics and Watsu 3 Adapted were taken at Harbin. I loved the group classes and was able to play a mermaid in Watsu 3, a lifelong dream!


I was also taking table-massage courses and in the spring of 2000 I became certified as a Watsu Practitioner by WABA and a Massage Practitioner at the Massage Therapy Institute in Davis CA. I was able to rent a physical therapist's pool, first for practicing and then for my business. I serenely floated 6-8 clients each week for three years. Sadly, the office closed and there were no other warm pools in town. My clients and I were devastated at the loss.


Years later I told my husband, "I need to build a Watsu pool in the backyard."  We spent a year researching pools, equipment, sanitizers, enclosures and much more. I spoke with city staff about pool regulations and permits and asked questions of other aquatic providers with pools. I also took classes to refresh my skills. In March 2012 we broke ground (literally, as my husband dug the 14ft diameter, 5ft deep hole), and had a 12ft diameter Doughboy pool installed with maximum insulation.  We chose a natural gas heater and a copper sanitizer with a fiberglass filter.  A 10ft high yurt over the pool makes it usable year-round.  Tropical plants around the pool and colorful sarongs make the space inviting and beautiful. 


Once again I am happily sharing the blessings of Watsu with family, friends and clients. Another provider is also renting the pool so our sacred space is being used 5-7 days a week. Watsu students are welcome to receive sessions from us on the path to certification or just for the joy of it!


Laurie Loving, M.S.W. is a certified Watsu Practitioner and a social worker who worked with clients with disabilities. is located in Davis, about 20 minutes from Sacramento, CA. Text or call 530-219-5118.

homepage After months of choosing, creating, editing, testing, re-arranging, losing, finding, re-wording and more testing of photos, text, layouts and programming, our NEW WEBSITE is up and running! 

J. Paul - Photo by M. Pegram A big thanks goes out to Jocelyn, who did the lion's share of the work, and who also lays out all our ads, flyers, brochures and e-newsletters with grace and efficiency.  Not only that, but she is constantly working for other Harbin departments to do the same, and she's a rare gem.  A few days after launching the new website without a hitch, she took a much-deserved vacation.  Thanks, Jocelyn!


Though we're happy to say that we've made changes to the website to make it more user-friendly, informative and helpful, we still have plans to improve it even more over the coming months.  Take a look, share it with friends, and offer feedback if you like. 

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