USF community helps those impacted by the coronavirus epidemic
The University of South Florida recognizes faculty, staff and students for their contributions in helping those impacted by COVID-19. Featuring 20 different individuals/groups from the Tampa, St. Petersburg and Sarasota-Manatee campus who have gone above and beyond. READ MORE
Flood awareness survey developed by USF professor finds public minimizes risk of flooding, resulting in low demand for flood insurance
A national survey of flood risk awareness conducted by the University of South Florida Institute for Data Analytics and Visualization and Neptune Flood finds that consumers significantly underestimate their risk level of flooding, leading many to forego flood insurance.

“This survey on flood risk awareness in the nation highlights the challenge of consumer adoption of an important, but mostly non-mandatory, product,” said Phil Trocchia, professor of marketing at USF’s St. Petersburg campus who designed and conducted the survey. “The data indicate that the low level of demand for flood insurance is largely driven by misunderstanding of risk, lack of knowledge of cost and confusion around private versus government flood insurance.” READ MORE
Historical preservation grant will help restore the 130-year-old Williams House
The Florida Division of Historical Resources has awarded USF’s St. Petersburg campus a grant towards the preservation of the John C. Williams House, a historic building nestled behind oak trees on University Way. The state awarded $17,837, which USF is matching in cash, employee time and grant administration for a total of $35,674 towards the creation of a historic preservation master plan.
USF holds virtual commencement ceremonies
The University of South Florida recognized thousands of summer graduates through virtual commencement ceremonies on Saturday, Aug. 8. Nearly 3,000 degrees were conferred in the university’s second-ever virtual ceremonies, caused by restrictions on large gatherings due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The summer 2020 class featured 11 undergraduate students who hold a perfect 4.0 GPA, 110 student veterans and graduates from 48 states and more than 70 nations. There were five 19-year-old graduates, including one earning a master’s degree, and the oldest graduate is a 71 year old earning a doctoral degree in sociology. READ MORE
Heading back to school: Students share their advice, expectations and concerns about fall 2020
After a summer upended by the coronavirus, students at USF’s St. Petersburg campus are gearing up for a return to school for fall 2020. The reality of the pandemic has largely set in but for most students, the upcoming semester will be anything but usual.

We reached out to several students to hear about their expectations, excitement and concerns related to the fall 2020 semester. READ MORE
From mock doctor to real doctor, Kemesha Gabbidon fights for public health
As a young girl playing doctor in her hometown of Kingston, Jamaica, Kemesha Gabbidon’s patients only ever seemed to come down with two specific ailments: asthma, which Gabbidon herself suffered from as a child, and bronchitis.

“I used to call it brown-chitis,” Gabbidon says laughing. “My mom bought me this fake stethoscope and I carried around a little notepad, diagnosing my friends with asthma and brown-chitis.”

Today, Gabiddon is a real doctor of a different variety. Rather than diagnose patients, she helps prevent the spread of infectious disease as a community health advocate and postdoctoral research fellow at USF’s St. Petersburg campus. READ MORE
Alumni respond to massive changes in business operations due to coronavirus pandemic
On St. Patrick’s Day, 3 Daughters Brewing in St. Petersburg was advised to close down as the coronavirus pandemic spread across Florida.

For Desiree Chubb, who runs the brewery’s quality assurance lab, the closure did not interrupt her work in testing the quality and consistency of the craft beer ingredients. But the skill set she developed first as a biology graduate at USF’s St. Petersburg campus and then working in the science of beer fermentation – a combination of chemistry, microbiology and cell biology – equipped her to do something else during this health crisis: make hand sanitizer. READ MORE
Navigating financial aid resources and opportunities in the new COVID landscape
The coronavirus pandemic and its impact on many sectors of the economy is directly affecting college students, from lost jobs to reduced family support due to changing financial situations. Such rapid changes will challenge how college students continue to succeed while earning their degrees on time.

There is however a plethora of financial aid resources and new opportunities students can and should take advantage of in order to support their higher education in this new landscape. READ MORE
Responding to the pandemic through remote instruction, virtual learning and engagement tools
We continue to respond to the coronavirus in a number of ways to ensure our students have the tools and resources to continue their academic success, the latest health guidance and science to stay safe and numerous ways to engage with one another.