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Thursday, October 25 , 2018
Harbor Revitalization Update
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DPHAB Submits Second Round of Comments on Harbor Revitalization Plans

The Dana Point Harbor Advisory Board has responded to the County with its second round of comments on the Harbor Revitalization planning materials. The issues raised in the latest response are largely based on input provided by your Boaters Association, and include recommendations on marina customer services standards and a request for the harbor developer/operator to maintain cooperative relationships with established community groups, such as our Boaters Association. To read the DPHAB letter to the County, check the news brief here. [To read more about the first round of comments, go here.]

One Week and Counting...

All signs are pointing to the successful conclusion of the option period agreement with Dana Point Harbor Partners and the finalization of their 66-year master lease by the end of the month. By all accounts, the development team has met the terms of their pre-lease obligations and will execute the final agreement as soon as October 30. However, be assured that work will continue on the refinement of the redevelopment plans into the coming weeks, months and years ahead. Nothing is final until actual work begins. We will remain tied to the process and will continue to work towards achieving the best marina facilities for our Dana Point boating community. Many successes achieved, and many more to come.

About the Marina Plan

Over the past year, your Boaters Association has collaborated closely with our new marina developer on the plans for the renovation of our marina and dry boat storage facilities. This has been enormously complicated work under some inflexible regulatory and space constraints, and with lofty goals to build a marina that properly serves our Dana Point Harbor boating community. We believe we have achieved optimal outcomes under challenging circumstances, and work continues to refine the plans. You can review the draft marina plan here and dry boat storage concept here. To view all the planning documents, go here.

This has been complicated work consuming countless hours. To help you understand how we got here and where we are going, we are working on a comprehensive analysis of our work so far and will provide our best description of the plan in the coming days. Stay tuned...

Thank you.

And finally this... Your DPBA leadership team is committed to protecting and advancing the interests of our Dana Point boating community. We are your voice on all matters affecting our harbor. But we only succeed with your support. Your attention, input and moral support most of all. But also financial support. It takes very little to fund what we do, but it's not free. Every dollar counts. If you can spare $5, $20 or $100 to the cause, it goes a long way to keeping us on track, please click here to donate! Thank you.
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