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Thursday, June 14, 2018
Harbor Revitalization Update - Tick tock, tick tock...
In our last newsletter , we described that "the Chief Real Estate Officer for the County of Orange predicted that a proposed contract with their private development partner would be submitted to the Orange County Board of Supervisors for approval at their June 26th meeting."  This would mean that the topic would be placed on the agenda by no later than June 13, with the draft contract posted for public review.  We also voiced ample skepticism that it would happen, knowing the obstacles that remained.  June 13 has come and gone, the June 26 Board of Supervisors meeting agenda has been posted , and there's no sign of the Harbor Revitalization Plan.  Surprised?

Our response wavers between exasperation that the County just can't close this deal in a timely manner, to let's take the extra time necessary to get it right.  If we're truly close to a deal, as both sides assure us they are, then what's a couple more weeks after waiting more than 20 years?  Or, if this is continued maneuvering by both sides to extract every possible concession from their opponent at the expense of our community, let's put an end to it now!

We've said it before: this is a crazy complex deal that must predict and plan for the next 66 years.  It has to satisfy the County's obligation to fund their retained liabilities (harbor patrol, road maintenance, and so on), and provide sufficient revenue to the developer to recover their huge investment and see some profit.  And it has to last the rest of our lives.  We never expected this to be easy.

But after eight months of negotiating, it's (past) time to move on to the next steps and build this thing.  We understand that a "final summit" is planned for next Tuesday.  This must truly be the final summit.  No more new demands, no more retreats.  No more contemplation.  No more edits.  If it's not done by Tuesday, just tell us you can't do it.

But, if indeed it does get done next week, please don't attempt to still squeeze this in at the June 26 Board of Supervisors meeting.  The community needs our time to review what you are committing us to.  Give us our two weeks for public review and comment and schedule this for the July 17 Board of Supervisors meeting.  OK?

Sorry, we're getting grouchy after so much work and so much waiting.  And let's hope our newsletter this time next week is a celebration, not a condemnation.  Stay tuned

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