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US to Change to Global IALA Type "A" Buoyage System

It's time to forget "Red Right Returning"!

In a surprise tweet, the current Commandant of the US Coast Guard, Paul G. Zukunfit, has announced an immediate change from IALA "A" to IALA 'B", meaning the entire US Buoy system will be changed to emulate Europe and Asia.

Everywhere else in the world (except the USA and places that the USA has influenced like Japan, Korea and the Philippines) have the green buoys to starboard as you proceed with the flood tide.

Commandant Zukunfit tweeted that he was influenced by the administration's desire to provide a "give back" for the recent importation tariffs, stating "only a few people would be affected".

Coast Guard Buoy Tenders have already been deployed and boaters should honor the "Red Right Returning" configuration until their individual harbors are re-buoyed. Chart plotter manufacturers are scrambling to issue new charts and chips with both "A" and "B" confgurations.  These may likely incur additional costs. 

Note: Harbor Talk will inform you in advance when Norwalk Harbor will switch over...

Additionally, ALL US Charts printed by NOAA will be in Meters, not Feet.

For more information and the official statement, Click... HERE

Rex to Become a Lift eFoil Master Dealer 

Rex Marine is proud to announce that it has become the New England Master Dealer for the innovative Lift eFoil.  Rex has been collaborating with a team comprised of top shapers, engineers and artist from around the globe. Many grew up in the ocean and have explored the thrills the world of sports has to offer. Adventure is what we do and sharing it with our family and friends is what makes it great.

For the past 10 years we've been obsessed with creating user-friendly hydrofoils for everyone. It's a mix of everything we love: surfing, flying and deep powder snowboarding. The feeling it evokes holds a category of its own and we set out on a mission to bring it to the world. And this is just the beginning, as hydrofoiling is literally taking off!  

See the video... HERE

Sign up for Spring Demos... HERE
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Giant Swan Floats 

EPA to Allow Whaling in Long Island Sound

In a move that is being lambasted by the group "Save the Long Island Sound", Secretary of the Interior, Robert Zenke has announced the immediate change in the New England and Long Island Sound Fisheries regulations and sub-rules.

Following last month's ruling that would allow offshore drilling in the Sound and off the Long Island South Shore, this order now allows the harvest of Minke, Right, Humpback, Gray and Sperm whales, but protects Narwhals and the much beloved Beluga whale. Killer whales are also excluded, as those are rare in the waters of the Sound.

A statement from "Save the Long Island Sound" is...  HERE  
Boating and CT Certification Courses  

Spring is Here - Now is the time to take that boating course!

The CORRECT WAY to drop an anchor from Captain Rick...    HERE

Note: If your organization is offering courses or seminars, please e-mail the info or links to Capt. Rick: 
Overcoming the Power of Mother Nature  

From our friends at Sailing Scuttlebutt... B&G is introducing the new GustMAX4 - the world's first wind speed generator designed specifically for sailing.

The B&G GustMAX4 is an easy to use sailing wind speed generator system designed for blue water cruisers, regatta racers and all sailors who demand extreme speed at all times, whatever the weather.
See it in action... HERE

Additional details and ordering information...HERE
The Nautical Tattoo Shop at Cove Now Offers   
Nautical Nails! 

In addition to it's popular Nautical Tattoo Offerings   

and Nautical Piercings 

The shop will offer a complete line of Nautical Nails and Accessories  
Huge Recall of Norwalk Oysters

Pearls found in Local Oysters may Create a Choking Hazard

In a press release today, The Norwalk Oyster Consortium announced a safety recall of 2,500 bushels of oysters taken from an undisclosed oyster bed off the Norwalk Islands. The oysters were delivered to local restaurants and retail customers this week after being harvested from a rarely used plot.

The pearls, ranging in size from 7.0 - 9.3mm "could easily be a choking hazard, especially when slurping the oysters", a spokesman said. "We hated to do it, but felt it was in the best public interest to announce the recall".  He added, "there have also been some larger black pearls that are particularly dangerous as a choking hazard".

Retail and wholesale customers can return the recalled oysters to the Norwalk Oysterterium, which will have extended hours through Easter Sunday evening. They also stated that refunds will be only given to oysters that contain pearls.

Editors Note:  We had some of the "dangerous, faulty oysters" examined and have found several 8.2 mm pure white pearls that were independently graded from AAA-A to B grade on the Tahitian Grading System and several 12mm pure black pearls from what was identified as a Pincatada Margaritifera (black-lipped saltwater pearl oyster) which are not indigenous to this area. There was no mention of the millions of dollars the pearls might be worth...

The complete Saltwater Oyster Recall Announcement is ... HERE 
UV-LED Glowing Bottom Matrix Prevents Barnicles

Akzonobel (parent company to Interlux) has announced an innovative solution to it's standard offerings of bottom paint... a LED enabled coating matrix.

The UV light is emitted from the coating surface, providing the total prevention of biofouling accumulation on the surface of the protected area.The fully biocide-free solution will provide groundbreaking performance and offer complete fouling prevention to the hulls of boats and ships. The total control of biofouling repre sents a substantial economic and environmental benefit, and when realized, the impact of this new technology on vessel owners and operators will be hugely significant.

"In our Sustainable Fouling Control initiative, we actively explore and develop alternatives to biocidal-based solutions," said Oscar Wezenbeek, Director of AkzoNobel Marine and Protective Coatings. "This development is a great proof point of our continuous focus on delivering eco-friendly solutions to our customers."

For more info, click... HERE 
Marine Safety Drone Approved by Coast Guard 

A new marine emergency signaling device incorporating a drone was recently approved by the US Coast Guard for day and night use and made it's debut at the March Pascagoula Alabama International Boat Show.

The device is an all-weather drone with a 350 nit LED strobe that is visible for 6 miles and has an integrated VHF AIS homing beacon.

The drone is a single use item that stores in a compact pouch. It unfolds with one hand and is launched with a simple toss in the air. An internal GPS and lidar sensor will assist the drone in its pre-programmed flight which will create a virtual arrow in the sky, pointing to the distressed vessel. A version for land use aimed at hikers and alpine skiers is being evaluated.

The Emergency Safety Drone will be available in both the Norwalk Cove and Rex Marine stores by mid April. A new joint FCC/FAA license is required, which is available online. The estimated retail price for the emergency drone will be below $ 200.00.

See the Emergency Drone brochure... HERE   
On a Final Note,

Marina:  No Sir, Your boat DID NOT sink in the recent storm...

Happy April Fools Day !